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Dr Usui Reiki energy is the foundation of many healers and will always remain the steppingstone with which we begin our spiritual journey. But in the 1980 the Reiki energy of the Violet flame returned from its hibernation from its misuse by High Priests of Atlantis.  St Germaine asked permission from Source/God for the Violet flame to be awakened and be used by trusted healers. The Violet flame came at a time which prepared healers for the new energy which will evolve from the earth’s 2012 attunements. The Violet flame created a platform for healers to evolve from traditional Reiki to the New Age Reiki energy.

2012 was a very special time in spiritual history due to the alignment of all the planets in our solar system. This alignment increased the vibrational level of our planet which then enabled Ascended Masters, Archangels and other light Beings to be more involved with the healers of earth.

Thus, saw present day new Reiki energy evolving with the healing of the Unicorns, Dragons, Merpeople, Elementals, Dolphins and many more. This was the birth of New Age Reiki.

Each New Age Reiki type has specific skills, characteristics and Reiki symbols to help the healer who is attuned to the specific energy style.

For example:-

Unicorn Reiki (Twin energy to Dragons)

Female energy & symbols help heal emotional trauma. Their energy is felt  in swirls.

& vortex. Sensation. Unicorns work on the same frequency as Angels, so clients often report feeling cool during the healing session.

Dragon Reiki (Twin energy to Unicorns)

Male energy & symbols transmute negative energy. They are the only spirit guides I know who can remove negativity at a distance during a absent healing session. Dragons protect spiritual doorways, Safe guard secrets. Their energy – fizzy, hot & cold similar to bubble wrap.

There are many more New Age Reiki types the most recent is the Opal Ray which is a descendant from the Violet flame. The Opal Ray has been created jointly with the Ascended Master energy and the Archangels,

very special indeed.


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