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Female Partner to the Male Dragon Energy

Home Study with LIVE etherical

Reiki distant attunement £80

Will require Worldwide students’ difference

with UK GMT time.

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Unicorn Reiki

Unicorn Reiki is the most common non-traditional Reiki that Reiki practitioners often chosen first after completing their Dr Usui Reiki. This is because the Unicorn symbols are powerful cleansers of emotions, the symbols are helping with forgiveness, guilt and karma. The Unicorn Reiki energy travels in spiral movements which is a powerful way of clearing blockages and balancing the physical, mental and spiritual body.

Unicorns energy is of a high vibration and is similar to angelic healing. Unicorns have the ability to remove negative energy by their higher vibrational their vortex lifts out toxins and negative energy. Attunement to Unicorn energy. Unicorn healing symbols, symbols to remove karma, guilt and forgiveness. History of Unicorns and popular beliefs, fact or fiction. Distant and self-healing with unicorns. Why Unicorns here and what are is their purpose? Their relationship with Ascended Masters and Archangels. Our Unicorn guides. How Unicorns can help us. The Unicorns friends the elementals.  

Unicorn Reiki is the same frequency as Angelic Reiki

History of Unicorns

The word Unicorn comes from latin ‘Uni’ meaning one and ‘Cornu’ meaning horn. People have believed in Unicorns for centuries. Aristotle, Genghis Khan, Saint Thomas and Saint Gregory believed Unicorns existed. It is not just us British who believe in Unicorns, so does folklore in other countries. The Chinese believe Unicorns are wise and have the body of a deer, with hooves of a horse and an ox’s tail, with the horn made of flesh. The Chinese also believed the Unicorn has 5 Chinese sacred colours, red, yellow, blue, white and black. The Chinese word for the Unicorn is ‘Ki-lin’. Sometime in 2800 BC, the Emperor Fu Hsi wrote he saw a Unicorn with symbols on its coat and hence the origins of the K’i-lin written language in Chinese.

The Unicorn has been known to Western cultures for thousands of years and the Unicorn is mentioned in the bible many times, there are several clear references to them in the Old Testament.

Unicorns are here to help the planet and its creatures to remove negative energy. The Unicorns main purpose is to help the animal kingdom to evolve into higher beings. The Unicorns sensed that many people respected the animal kingdom and that naturally humans and animals became life companions. They also witnessed human compassion and understanding for all animals. Unicorns were invariably present when an animal was injured or traumatised. This meant when a Reiki practitioner came to help the animal the unicorns saw this good deed, this then helped to persuade the Unicorns that some humans could be trusted.

Unicorns have agreed to assist everyone who works within the white light as they know their purpose is pure and we all have one common goal “cleanse and remove negative energy”. Unicorns choose a healer they can trust because after the attunement the Unicorn will leave its spiritual herd to remain with the human healer

for their lifetime.



Option A – Home Study £80

Home study – students receive manual via email.

Attunement scheduled at a time convenient to student to receive live.  

Qualification certificate emails after attunement

Students receive lifetime tutor support.

Option B – Virtual class (approx. 3hrs) £160

Virtual courses are live with tutor.

Manual emailed prior to course so student can prepare for class.

Attunement scheduled at a time convenient to student to receive live.  

Qualification certificate emails after attunement.

Students receive lifetime tutor support.

Course includes: full colour 2 part manual, practical & theory Unicorn Reiki practitioner certificate.

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