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£500 - Home study

£650 - Zoom live virtual

£800-  in person - Approx 4 hours



The Teacher never stop learning

Reiki Master Teacher Qualification

The applicants for the Teacher training course must have completed Reiki levels 1,2 & 3.


Course includes:

.   Full colour teacher manual

.   Student manual templates for levels 1, 2 Practitioner, 3 Master & 4 Teacher.

.   Master Reiki teacher responsibilities to their students.

·   Insurance and legal requirements of Reiki Master Teacher.

·   Reiki student’s requirement selection.

·   Healing with Reiki symbols physical to etheric healing level roles.

·   Attunement to Reiki Master level 4.

·   Future Students Reiki course formats for all the levels of Usui Reiki.

·   Student and teacher mediation hand positions.

.   Master teacher continuing spiritual learning  

·   Illustrated and documented attunement process.

·  Attunement process & sequence diagrams

.   Instruction for attunement to all levels of Reiki.

.   Attunement students cards for Reiki 1, 2, 3 & 4.

.   Attunement symbols format card

.   Attunement sequence diagrams

.   Video Student attunement demonstration   

  .   Reiki Master teacher lineage of Usui teacher Reiki.

·   Awarded a Reiki Master Teacher level 4 Certificate qualification.

.   Teacher business plan

All teachers will have on-going support and mentorship by me.


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Being a Reiki Master Teacher means making a life-long commitment to spiritual development and self-growth. The teacher will begin a life journey of self-discovery and continued spiritual learning for their self-mastery. All teachers continue to learn and develop new skills which can be passed on to their students. A teacher never stops learning! The teacher can only teach students from their own inner wisdom, personal experiences and personal life lessons. Becoming a Reiki Master teacher is an honour because the teacher represents spiritual insight and spiritual guidance, which is a huge responsibility. I ensure high standards of teaching, so it is very important to me that the potential Reiki Masters I train: are experienced Reiki healers & can demonstrate spiritual maturity to teach others how to heal, protect and clear negative energy. The candidates must be respectful of Reiki and have mature spiritual gifts which they can pass on to their future students.

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