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Giving messages from loved ones to others

12 sessions at £20 instalments

classes held monthly at a date to suit you


Messages for Loved ones

“Clairvoyance /Mediumship has been offered for thousands of years and many people have benefited from it during that time.  My services are given with genuine and sincere purpose, but you are reminded that clairvoyance and mediumship may not give you the results you are looking for, as results are always difficult to predict and cannot be guaranteed.”

This Zoom virtual live course is for people who wish to improve their connection to spirit and develop mediumship skills for friends and family or professionally for clients. Learn about the role and responsibilities of a Medium, enhance your spiritual skills, connect with loved ones and angels. From this course, you will have a complete understanding of what a Medium is, to how their honesty and sincerity is important to others.

During each class there is theory and practical sessions with students having the opportunity to work with different mediumship tools. The tools on the course include divination cards, psychometry (sensing objects), photograph readings, crystal ball and optional phone live reading. As part of the course guests will be invited for students to give live virtual readings.

I will teach you how essential it is to protect yourself from outside influences. With many mediums being empaths, their energy can be drained with helping others. I will explain how to shield your energy and workplace to bring in love and positive energy.

The role of a Medium expects that you work within ethical, and professional boundaries. Mediums have a code of conduct to work responsibility with honesty and integrity in the task of passing on messages from spirit. For those of you wish to work as a professional medium,


Mediumship Training Course

​The course provides a guide on how to build your business as a Medium. The course covers the various ways you can offer your services and how to market and build your business. I will explain Data Protection, confidentiality, and insurance requirements for your business.

The course is done virtually via Zoom so anyone worldwide can attend the live sessions. classes are held monthly with 12 sessions at instalments of £20 each. Included in the course is paperwork for each class and a qualification certificate on completion of the course.

What you will learn


  • Develop clairvoyant psychic abilities

  • Spiritual Protection and Cleansing

  • Learn how to do remote viewing

  • Connect with spirits through mediumship

  • Establish a contact with your spirit guides

  • Learn how to read objects through psychometry

  • Develop skills with scrying with crystal ball

  • Practice your psychic abilities with reading photographs

  • Learn to decipher Tarot & divination cards sensitively

  • Discover mediums historic roles & the importance of the integrity of the modern-day medium

  • Develop confidence in your mediumship skill with other students

Mediumship Course syllabus


Session 1


Meeting your communication Spirit guide

Protecting your energy field

Protection Grid

Spiritual respect

Christ Consciousness chakra

Importance of meditation

Tarot card examples

Tarot card exercise


Session 2

Mediumship preparation

Medium Crystal uses

Setting the scene

Training the mind

Coping with stress

Communication guide skills

Communication portal

Practical Tarot card reading


Session 3

Disrespectful spirits

Brief interpretation messages

Medium secrets

Sensing clients’ insecurities

Practical exercise sensing emotions

Divination cards

Practical Divination card reading


Session 4

Tarot readings by Proxy

Mediumship respect

Mediumship ability

Crystal ball history

Crystal ball divination

Crystal ball guidelines

Practical crystal ball reading


Session 5

Sensing objects

Residue object emotional vibration

Psychometry guidelines

Object thought projection

Psychometry practical readings


Session 6

Distant Mediumship reading

Spirit guide mediumship code

Secret code spiritual prompts

Photograph reading

Photograph guidelines

Photograph reading practical


Session 7

Video readings

Zoom. Messenger, Facetime, WhattsApp, Skype

Recommendations for live video readings

Telephone readings

Video call preparation

Optional telephone or card reading practical


Session 8

Audience group mediumship readings

Group audience recommendations

Psychic fairs & events

Psychic fair preparation

Fair & events tools

Time management

Client’s needs & expectations

Clients respect & integrity

Mediumship practical options


Session 9

Sensitive message readings

Messages of ill health

Mediumship compassion & understanding

Child loss & angel babies

Students’ suggestions & group discussion

Mediumship practical options


Session 10

Live Guest readings

Practical session


Session 11

Live Guest readings

Practical session


Session 12

Setting up a Mediumship practice

Mediumship business guidelines

Legal & ethical requirements

Fraudulent Mediums Act


Data Protection

ICO Register

Keeping client’s information safe

GDPR Guidelines & regulations

Professional Indemnity insurance

Congratulations & award certificates

Next Mediumship Course starting date





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There are many Divination cards on the market, one of the well-known ones are the Tarot. The meanings of the Tarot are difficult to learn so many people don’t bother using them. This is a shame as the Tarot can be interesting and helpful to the Medium. The traditional tarot may seem plain

and boring, but there are many new versions of the Tarot which are lovely. So long as you protect your environment and yourself the Tarot are safe to use, which I teach you on the Psychic and the Mediumship courses. Never be nervous of using Tarot as they are only images on cardboard and it is the good intention that is important. 

Using Tarot cards is easy if you use your intuitive mind to read the visual message of the card. Look at the card and see what jumps out at you, the same card can mean different things for different people. Don’t necessarily read and go by the writing on the card, look into the picture and see what you sense.

It is an old wife’s tale in that someone else must buy the cards for you, because if you buy your own, then it is bad luck! This is not true, choosing your cards is special in that you can select the ones you like.

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Tarot & Divination Cards

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