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Male partner to the female Unicorn Reiki

Home Study LIVE Reiki distant attunement £80

Will require Worldwide students’ difference

with UK GMT time.



Expert Negativity removal

Dragons come in all shapes and sizes, their vibration is an Universal energy which is not from earth. They are very protective of their bond partner (not master) and are excellent at seeking out dark intruders or false people. They are similar to a faithful dog but with amazing characters and spiritual gifts to combat negative forces. Bonding with a dragon is special in that the lightworker has the strong presence of their dragon’s protective aura, which shields them when removing negative energy.


Work alongside Unicorns

Dragons are the protectors of the Unicorn herd and spiritual portals as well as them safeguarding ancient secrets. Spiritual dragons have lived peacefully on our earth within the middle dimension, they have not ascended or descended, they are quite happy to reside within the middle etheric layer. They watch over and protect the Unicorns. Dragons tend to be solitary by preferring their own kind or unicorns as they are pure light energy. Up until now the dragons have remained separate in the conflict between dark and light forces. It is with the changes on the planet that they have started to become restless and help the unicorns. The dragons have been observing and gaining the trust of St Germaine and Archangel Metatron, who also help the Unicorns. Gradually over the last 10 years the Dragons have started to work with the angels and Unicorns in cleansing our environment and healing injured animals.



Option A – Home Study £80

Home study – students receive manual via email.

Attunement scheduled at a time convenient to student to receive live.  

Qualification certificate emails after attunement

Students receive lifetime tutor support.

Option B – Virtual class (approx. 3hrs) £160

Virtual courses are live with tutor.

Manual emailed prior to course so student can prepare for class.

Attunement scheduled at a time convenient to student to receive live.  

Qualification certificate emails after attunement.

Students receive lifetime tutor support.


Discover the unique healing protective energy of your healing dragon. Learn your dragons personality and their skills. Where did dragons come from? How Dragons use the crystals energy in their work to help you. Dragon guardians and what is their purpose. Dragon energy to deflect, seek out or cleanse negative beings. What is your Dragons role? How Dragon Reiki is unique and different to other healing systems. Feel and work with your dragon. Dragon healing symbols. Practical & theory Dragon healing techniques. Distant Dragon healing & unique distant negative energy release.


Receive Bonding certificate with your Dragon’s name, character, psychic skills and personality of your dragon.


 Course includes: full colour 2 part manual, practical & theory Dragon Reiki practitioner certificate.


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