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Crystal Properties
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Crystal Therapist Course

Crystal therapy is a holistic treatment where crystals are used to balance and harmonise the body’s energy. Crystal therapy is a healing system which works on all levels of healing, mind, body and soul, it also encourages the body to heal its self.

​Crystal Healing Level 1 course £300 (6 instalments at £50) 6 sessions held monthly.

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Amazonite is one of my favourite crystals due to its ability to help the client with issues of venerability from outside pressures. It brings in the energy of love to situations where the person feels they are being judged. The crystals energy gives the wearer the feeling of confidence and self-worth. Many people feel threatened by family, friends and work colleagues in that they are under pressure to do what they want and not what the clients wants. Amazonite helps the person feel free in their life choices and not be afraid of change and being judged. This crystal is associated with the heart chakra and throat, place on throat for confidence and on heart to bring in love. Amazonite helps people who are nervous or have anxiety, to help them feel safe.



Ametrine is fairly rare and special in that it has 2 crystals merged together, the Amethyst and the Citrine. Usually you can see a clear difference from one end of the crystal is the Amethyst and the other end is the Cirtrine. The amethyst quality helps people to think clearly and have clarity on what they need to do. The Citrine helps bring in a sense of humour or encourages the person to be less serious. It is an excellent crystal to help people speakers, comedians, people in authority, schoolteachers, counsellors or doctors. Ametrine have a strong healing energy that releases negativity from within the aura. It is believed that Ametrine helps people with weight loss and encourages healing with releasing addictions. Useful to place Ametrine on your 3rd eye just before giving a speech or work presentation. Meditating with Ametrine will help you get ideas and messages from the Higher realms. Ametrine energy helps with connecting to spirit guides and passed loved ones.


Is one of the most common crystals found in people’s homes and possibly the first crystal people are drawn to. It helps in many ways but one of its main uses is to help in meditation and to increase psychic ability. Amethyst is extremely useful with migraines and headaches and can help with hearing disorders too. Amethyst strengthens the skeletal system and reinforces proper posture. It stimulates and regulates the endocrine glands and helps with disorders of the nervous system, the lungs and the respiratory tract. digestive tract, heart, stomach, skin and teeth. Amethyst brings to us a sense of peace and contentment. It reduces anger, rage, fear and impatience. It can promote inspired dreams and dispels nightmares. Amethyst helps to enhance our memory and stops us being anxious about things. Amethyst is useful for cleansing the aura and for absorbing any negativity during periods of sadness, stress or bereavement. Amethyst promotes a love of the divine and encourages spiritual wisdom, spiritual awareness. During meditation can lift you into higher states of consciousness & helps us to understand things at a deeper level when we meditate with it. Our psychic abilities are also enhanced with Amethyst.

Angel Aura Quartz

It is sometime referred to as the Cosmic because it has a high vibration which connects to the Universe, Archangels, off world light beings and Commander Ashtar. Many angelic and star people love this crystal as it lifts their energy so they do not feel ‘home sick’ with being on earth. Angel Aura quartz is a powerful defence from the dark as it strengthens the auric field. Its vibration will dissolve and remove negative energy. A strong crystal which will help people who suffer with low moods, depression and anxiety. Good for women who are going through the menopause, where their energy is unstable, and they become tired easily. Angel Aura quartz balances and realigns the chakras and auric field, so is good for someone getting over the cold or flu. Angel Aura lifts people out of the darkness and helps them see the light, which brings in hope and success. It’s a very pretty crystal too, my photo does not do it justice.

Angel Aura.jpg


Angelite as its name suggests, is a favourite for connecting to the Angelic Realm. It is commonly used for meditation to communicate with Angels, Archangels and fairies. Its energy is very subtle and gentle where it brings in love and helps to make the person feel safe. It is not a protective crystal in the sense that it creates a shield, but with its loving energy it deflects the dark. Many people say that when they hold or wear this crystal that they feel cold shivers down their spine as it an angel is surrounding them in their wings. Position the Angelite on the pillow above your head to encourage angel messages while you sleep. Place Angelite on the 3rd eye (forehead) to help prevent negative thoughts or to lessen worry, it helps people relax and be in the ‘here and now’. Place the Angelite on the throat chakra to help heal sore throats and to encourage the person to speak openly and honestly. Though the favourite position is to place on the heart chakra to being in love for self and others or even situations, where you trust all will be fine.


Aquamarine name in Latin meaning 'water of the sea'. The energy of this crystal resonates with Mermaids and dolphins. In ancient times the Aquamarine was seen as the Mermaids stone to keep sailors safe at sea. I find this crystal is a gentle healer of the heart and mind, where it heals emotional trauma. It is idea to wear as a pendant as the gentleness of the crystal will heal over a few days or more. Do not be misled in thinking it is too gentle to heal. I find with it working gradually it can heal deep emotional wounds for effectively with someone who is afraid to let go of or to face their past. Aquamarine energy might encourage the wearer to cry and release hidden emotions, so they become more honest in what they desire. It helps to stabilise the heart chakra, so the person is not too open and venerable or too closed and lonely. The person is willing to accept self-love and unconditional love from others.  Aquamarine helps with stress, anxiety, and tension. I recommend this crystal for anyone who is grieving, it helps with the emotions, of loss, anger, and sorrow.

With mine in the photo you see they are faded; this is because I keep them on the window sill in my healing room. If you wish to keep your Aquamarines colour then keep them out of direct sunlight, NOT in a dark place as this will weaken their energy.





Bloodstone has for centuries to believe to help heal blood disorders, similar to hematite but Bloodstone is more subtle. Its vibration encourages healing of the past and any hangs up the person will not let go. It heals past trauma from ancestry or family history. It cleanses toxins in the body and helps the person to recognise toxic situations or people, so they can release and walk away. Working with bloodstone will allow new opportunities to be revealed and obstacles removed. Focus on what you desire and what is realistic, helps you make sensible choices and not be carried away with emotions. In meditation or during dreams the Bloodstones energy will help you reveal your enemies and see any wrongdoing, so you can justly resolve the situation or move on. Bloodstone has an earthy vibration so the wearer can make sensible decisions and talk in calm way when confronted with challenges or conflicts. Angelic and star people might find the energy of the bloodstone too heavy.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate, known as the Stone of Orators, it can help with communication skills and the learning of foreign languages. Historically used for "Weather Magic", Blue Lace Agate is useful in the treatment of eyes, ears and with the sense of balance. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and is useful for providing a cooling effect in the case of raised temperatures. Blue Lace Agate is "The Stone of Orators" and has long been associated with verbal dexterity, communication skills and the speaking of foreign languages. It also helps you to accept new situations without losing your own character. It provides a light-hearted, carefree, elated feeling for life and is also said to improve your memory. It also promotes generosity, responsiveness and receptiveness. Balances the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Helps you to understand the pleasure of contact with other human being, plants, animals and contact with other worlds.


Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite helps to heal emotional trauma of the throat with people who are afraid to speak out or are a survivor of a verbal encounter. Blue calcite gives you confidence to speak up, if you are silent then you are subconsciously giving the other permission to do what they are doing. Blue calcite helps you see reality, it might not be what you were expecting, but it is the hard truth. Blue calcite is good at helping public speakers, teachers and singers, place in left pocket, or left part of bra or bracelet on left wrist. A useful crystal for students to have to help in exams with retaining information, improve memory and learning. Blue calcite has a soothing calm energy to help the person relax. It is also good to place under the pillow to help you remember your dreams.

Blue calcite.jpg


Cherry Quartz or Angel skin quartz

Cherry Quartz or Angel skin quartz is a new find from South Africa. Geologically, it's Quartz coloured a very attractive pink by the inclusion of probably Iron or Titanium. It's lovely flesh-coloured tones are said to resemble the skin of Angels, hence the name. This is such a new stone that there is very little written about it yet, but people have reported that it is a comforting stone in times of need and that it makes us more receptive to the unconditional love of the universe. It is said to work on our heart chakra and to bring to us a more pure and positive energy. It is also said to help access our Angels during meditation.

Cherry quartz.jpg


Citrine energy resonates with the sun and brings in happiness. It is commonly used to bring in abundance, not just money but anything you desire. Suggest if you wish citirine to bring in money then place on your bank statement, not in your purse or wallet as this is dark and its energy will fade. I also place some of mine with my business cards in the far-left corner of our house. In feng shui the far-left corner is the Wealth corner. To find your position in your home. Stand at the front door and decide which corner is the furthest away from you on the left. I find citrine is really good at lifting people’s moods when they feel flat and have lost the Mo Jo. citrine brings out the playfulness of people so is really good for someone who is too serious and have forgotten to have fun. citrine energy is good when you are manifesting and asking for happiness in love, career or finding a new home. When meditating with citrine it helps you find clarity in what you need to, so is good at problem solving, by finding a happy outcome. It cleanses and realigns the chakras and auric field. It brings in wealth and prosperity so is a good crystal to choose when starting up a business. It increases stamina, so is good for people who feel tired and have low energy and supports the endocrine system. I find its energy helps clients who have lost hope or self-sabotage because they do not feel worthy. The sunshine in the citrine gives back people confidence and self-worth, where they believe in themselves.  Another favourite to add to your list.

Master quartz.jpg

Clear quartz or Master quartz

Clear quartz is called Master quartz, this is because it can alter its vibration to any of the other quartz family. The quartz family are, Rose quartz (Love), amethyst (spiritual connection), citrine (happiness) and smokey quartz (protection). The master quartz is the ‘all signing all dancing crystal’ it can literally do anything! It is an essential crystal for any crystal healer and it the one the clients and therapists use in the hands to direct the healing flow. Many people do not realise that the master quartz can either by a male or a female. The male is clear, and the female is cloudy. The male helps with logical and analytical thoughts and the female is the intuitive and spiritual thoughts, both are essential to be of equal balance for every individual If the person is too open spiritual then they would be living in a dream world and not interacting with life. Whereas if the person is too logical then they will be stressed, anxious and unwell! There is NOTHING the master quartz cannot do; it is the KING of all crystals. A must have for everyone.




A fluorite crystal has the ability to absorb and neutralize any harmful or negative energy within a space. When placed in a room, its energy brings balance and restores order to the energies, people and crystals around it. It restores order to energetic chaos and disorganization, filling your space with harmony and peace. Think of the fluorite healing properties as an energetic vacuum cleaner, cleansing your mind, body, spirit and space of stress, negativity, anxiety and other negative energies. It is one of the most underrated, yet powerful, crystals for energy clearing. Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. When working with the upper Chakras, Fluorite increases intuitive abilities, links the human mind to universal consciousness, and develops connection to Spirit. Fluorite crystals cleanse your mind, body and spirit. On a psychic level, they are very protective stones, protecting you from outside influences and drawing off negative energy.  They balance both sides of your brain to bring mental clarity and rid your mind of any mental or creative blocks. They also cleanse and stabilize your aura, cleansing, purifying and dispelling anything within your body or energy field that is not in perfect order. Fluorite crystals are said to rid your aura of any cording—meaning any unwanted energy lines from other people.


Green Calcite.jpg

Green calcite

Green calcite is a gentle and powerful healer of the heart. Helps people who suffer from anxiety or emotional problems of the heart. Believed to aid in recovery from heart attacks. Green calcite improves memory and disperses negative thought patterns. Its calming energy improves blood pressure and helps regulate the heart. It releases negative etheric cords which are holding you back or preventing you from seeing clearly. Green Calcite and rose quartz combination are excellent at helping people recover from a breakup, divorce, or grief. Place under your pillow or beside your bed to received healing while you sleep. Place next to someone’s photo who needs healing from heart related trauma. Green calcite helps you see the beauty in all things.



Garnet at first glance looks black, but if you hold to the light, you will notice it is a rich dark red. Because it its healing energy is versatile and can help any of the chakras it is referred to as the Stone of Health. Garnet energy helps to disperse negative thoughts, lifts people’s moods and increase energy levels. It is believed it is a heart and blood simulate and helps people with circulation problems. It brings in love, passion and serenity to the person who wears it. The energy of Garnet helps to create a protective barrier in the auric field, so is beneficial to wear if faced with difficult situations. Garnet helps people become confident and ‘flirty’ where they can stand out in a crowd. If you wish to be noticed then Garnet is the crystal to wear in jewellery or place discreetly in your left pocket or left wrist as a bracelet.




Other people may have a different opinion of hematite but in my experience it is not recommended to use as a healing crystal as its energy could unsettle the auric field. Hematite is fairly heavy and resembles metal, it is a shiny dark silver colour. Hematite is one of only a few crystals that does not need cleansing and as such is used for protection no other crystal is as powerful. Hematite is the king of all crystals in grounding and anchoring energy, it is the healer’s friend in that it is the best crystal to use for protective grid work. Suggest to place on the floor under the chair or healing couch. Often hematite is so strong in grounding that Angelic people and Star people find its energy to uncomfortable so they prefer smokey quartz. Can be worn as a bracelet, but many people find it is too heavy in energy, so will place the bracelet instead on their left foot. Useful for people in stressful jobs.


Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamonds owes its name to where it is found in Herkimer County, New York, USA. It is immensely powerful due to its cube like shape and having a point at both ends (double terminated). They are harder and more robust than the Master quartz and are small, fairly rare, so are expensive. The Herkimer is an attunement crystal where it attunes you to higher vibrations, so should be used with care. It connects you to the Higher Realms, spirit guides, Lords of Karma and Archangels. The Lords of Karma reside in the Halls of learning and are responsible of safeguarding the Akashic Records. The Akashic records is a spiritual library of our past life’s, our promises, and our life purpose. Meditating with the Herkimer diamond will reaffirm your life’s purpose and why are you here. Mature spiritual people place the Herkimer diamond on their Ascension chakra to connect and communicate to their Higher Self. If you have not used a Herkimer diamond before, then start off gradually for 10 mins in meditation, this is so your body gets ‘attuned’, use to its frequency before using it for healing. Be prepared when using the Herkimer that you might feel worse before feeling better as it reveals old memories from past lives. Yes, it is a strong healer in that it is a Master quartz but many might feel its vibration is too strong for them. Maybe not a recommended crystal for someone who is starting on their spiritual journey.   




Jade is a favourite of Ascended Master Quan Yin, so this makes it ideal for Reiki one students to assist them in their 21 days self-healing. Jade has been known for centuries to bring good luck and abundance, many people like to have a jade buddha or talisman in their homes. Jade is a gentle crystal where is bringing in the energy of self-love, self-worth and more importantly accepting who you are. Meditation with Jade will show you that your imperfections make you unique and that you are special. All your mistakes and past events has helped you to become wise and to have empathy with others. Jade helps you to heal the past and even from past lives where there has hardship and sadness. Jade shows you compassion for yourself and forgiveness. Jade encourages you to choose your friends and partner wisely and not accept second best where the relationship is one sided. Jade shows you that all relationships are give and take equally. Jade’s energy will highlight any selfish people who will drain you and not respect you. Jade will help you in situations where you feel there is going to be an argument or be unsettling. Wearing Jade not only helps you but others around you, so is a good crystal to show honesty, respect and understanding.


Kambaba Jasper 1.jpg

Kambaba Jasper

 Kambaba Jasper alleviates stress and induces tranquillity. Its cleansing effect eliminates negative energy and stabilizes the aura. It makes an ideal worry or rubbing stone for soothing the nerves and increasing one’s focus, and is a wonderful stone for banishing nightmares or harmful thoughts. Kambaba Jasper is particularly conducive to deep and peaceful sleep. A stone of nurturing energies, Kambaba Jasper provides strength for those who are broken-hearted by love, rejection or sudden abandonment, to find their way out of emotional despair and in facing issues that must be resolved.

This stone may be used to increase money flow and prosperity in one’s life. Kept in the workplace it improves an already established career or business interest, and wards off any unnecessary or unwanted changes. It also protects against colleagues who would purposely destabilize your efforts.

Kambaba Jasper aids the body in areas of essential growth and renewal, boosting the immune system, cellular growth and DNA, and supports the digestive system and assimilation of vitamins and minerals. It is helpful in cleansing the body of toxins, and may be used to improve conditions of the skin, hair and nails. Kambaba is also thought to benefit the jaw and teeth, and assist in areas concerning wisdom teeth and in all dental work.



Kyanite's energy activates the 3rd eye and works on healing the throat. Helps people speak the truth and having confidence in communicating how they feel. Good for using in meditation to connect to your spirit guides and astral travel journeys. Helps the individual to listen to their intuitive thoughts and not allow their logical mind to be dominant. Kyanite heals relationships after an argument, so the people involved speak honestly and openly, so they apologise and understand each other’s point of view.  Kyanite is one of the rare crystals that self-cleanses and does not retain negative energy. It is sometimes used to cleanse other crystals. Ideal to have as a pendant to wear around the throat.




Labradorite release negative karmic imprints, helps the person let go of guilt or remorse. Mediating with Labradorite connects to spirt guides, Lords or karma and Akashic records. Helps on past lives and negative imprints or learnt behaviour to be healed. It enhances the mental and intuitive abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy, future events. Useful for people who are wise souls or are stubborn in their ability to let go of the past. Many mediums and psychics use this crystal when working with clients. At first glance Labradorite looks boring in dark green but when catches the light you will see its magic in its beautiful peacock colours.

Lapis Lazuli.jpg

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is one of the favourites of the ancient Egyptians. Lapis Lazuli was used to create the blue colouring on ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and artifacts. Today, Lapis Lazuli is still considered as a very spiritual stone and brings happiness and success to relationships. Lapis works with the Crown and 3rd eye chakras in creating a strong connection to Higher Consciousness and your spirit guides. It is good at helping the person solve problems or seek truth in situations or your life’s purpose. Lapis Lazuli can awaken our sense of spirituality & enlightenment. It helps us to appreciate ancient wisdom, mystical realm, gain access to planetary knowledge, ancient sacred texts and akashic records. It helps us to enhance our dream work, psychic abilities & past life connections to ancient Egypt. It is excellent for enhancing memory and for dream recall, though I would not recommend Lapis in the bedroom as you will not have a deep sleep. Lapis is a good crystal for people who are public speakers, artists, designers and have to be creative in their work. Lapis Lazuli is believed to be beneficial in treating disorders of the respiratory system, throat, larynx, thymus, thyroid and bone marrow. It is also said to relieve the symptoms of insomnia, vertigo and dizziness. Some believe that it may also be beneficial in cases of hearing loss or disorders of the eustachian tube & boost our immune system. It also helps with the throat chakra in your intuitive self, giving confidence to your logical self to be genuine and honest in what you need to do. Good for people who are bossy and often like to feel in control and unable to delegate to others. Lapis Lazuli works rapidly to dispel stress, release pent up anger & helps to protect us from depression. Lapis Lazuli is a stone for learning and discovery on many levels. It encourages mental clarity, self-expression, honesty and compassion. Lapis Lazuli bring success in relationships to whoever carries it.



Larimar is also called the dolphin stone. It is relatively rare as it can only be found in the Dominion Republic. Larimar is one of my favourites to use on clients who require etheric cord healing with family or past life trauma. Larimar has a strong gentle energy which resonates with the cleansing of the sea and water. It is a crystal which singers have been known to wear as it is believed to protect the voice from colds or throat infections. Larimar helps the individual who is lonely or in bereavement to feel the love of the dolphin family energy, It is used to bring in your soul mate and make new friends. A popular crystal to help heal the heart of deep trauma or suffering from broken relationships or a broken heart. It heals and supports the person through transition periods, divorce, bereavement, separation, redundancy & retirement. A lovely crystal to wear in jewellery, though be aware there are many imitations, if it is cheap to buy it is more than like then not to be genuine.

Lemurian Jade.jpg

Lemurian Jade

Lemurian Jade is a powerful healer of past trauma, survivor of abusive relationships, especially heart related. has powerful healing energies. It helps people to focus on their life’s purpose and believe they can make a difference. In my experience helping clients it is very effective of helping someone whose past life was in Lemurian or Atlantis. These individuals often have a sense of failure, in that they have not been able to heal the earth and mankind. Lemurian jade might look dull and boring, but do not be fooled by its appearance as it is immensely strong at Shadow work healing. Shadow work healing is where the soul, the Higher Self, is healed from past life issues and releases oaths and promises they were unable to fulfill. Mediation with Lemurian Jade will take you back to heal the past, so the future has more clarity. Lemurian jade helps you say focused on what needs to be done and for you not to doubt yourself. It helps you trust in what life throws at you and that you are a survivor and not a victim.




A favourite of the Egyptians, where they used it in jewellery and some of King Tutankhamun treasures were adorned with Malachite. Malachite was commonly used as eye makeup. The Egyptian women were unaware that Malachite when ground up into powder was poisonous powder.  Malachite is a crystal of transformation as it heals the heart and helps bring in courage and self-love. A good crystal for someone who is going through a lifetime event, such as a divorce, bereavement, leaving home or loss of a pet. I often use it in healing to help with circulation problems and especially arthritis. Malachite is very absorbent and really good at removing negative blockages in the chakras (especially the heart) and also dissolves psychic attack. This means it must be cleansed after each use. If you like to wear malachite as a pendant then invest in more than one, so you can ensure it is clear of negative energy.



Moldavite is one of my favourite meditation crystals, though it is not for the faint hearted as it is very powerful. It comes from the Moldau Valley, now Czech Republic where it was a meteorite, it is extremely rare and very expensive. In the Stone Age Moldavite used a spiritual talisman and amulet of good fortune, fertility, protection and also for arrowheads. It was found in the archaeological site of the Venus of Willendorf, the oldest known Goddess statue. It is believed to have links to legends of the Holy Grail, where it fell from the sky after falling from Lucifer’s crown before he was thrown out of Heaven. It connects us to off world spiritual beings, the Pleiadeans, Lyrans, Arcturians, Andromedans and many more. Some people find the Moldavites energy too strong and intense that they feel lightheaded. I suggest holding it for short periods in your left hand to get used to it before placing on your 3rd eye chakra. It is quite pretty, it looks like green glass, very light and delicate. I love its energy but make sure you are well grounded when you work with it.



Moonstones energy is female which brings in intuitive feelings and open up their spiritual side. It is really good at helping people who are stressed at work, where their logical mind is on over drive. It encourages the person to go with what they feel (female energy) and let go of planning and organising by using their logical (male energy) mind. Many women are more in control of their feelings, which makes them bossy and good organisers, moonstone will remind them to relax and allow them to let go and become a child again. Moonstones energy is heightened with the full moon, so many witches will use moonstone to increase their intention when doing spells or sending distant healing. Moonstone helps the individual to feel safe and to create a calm relaxing feeling. It is believed to help women become more fertile and men more loving. Moonstone may look a boring colour, but its energy is well worth a purchase. You can buy rainbow moonstone which is more colourful and brings in the beauty of abundance and happiness.

moss agate.jpg

Moss agate

Moss agate is a crystal which is often associated with new beginning and rebirth. Moss agate resonates with Goddess energy and helps the wearer to be less logical and find peace with connecting to nature. When I work with Moss agate I feel the strong energy of the elementals, the fairies. Because its energy resonates with plants and mother nature, I feel it is stronger when work outdoors. It is a strong healer, especially with soft tissue injuries, sinus problems, colds and flu. Place under your pillow at night to heal while you sleep. Place on the 3rd eye (forehead) to help with headaches and sinus problems. It is believed to help treat fungal and skin infections. Moss agate helps serious people to find fun and happiness in everything, brings out the child in a person so they are playful.




Nebula crystal is a relatively new crystal in that it was only discovered in 1995 and it’s healing properties are still being investigated. I have found that is has a strong grounding energy which connects us to mother earth ‘Lady Gaia’. It has a gentle powerful loving energy which connects you to your Higher Self to encourage spiritual growth. But this crystal is not for the faint hearted, as its healing power is immense. The individual needs to prepare for deep soul cleansing. The reason is, in that it helps people forgive themselves for what they have done in this and in previous lives. The energy of the Nebula crystal heals and removes the emotions of guilt and karmic imprints which cause self-harm to the individual. Healing might make the person feel worse before they feel better, this is because it will bring old memories to the surface. If this is the case then wear the Nebula crystal ‘little and often’, or at the weekend when you feel safe (not in work environment) to release emotions. An ideal crystal for Reiki first Degree students to heal to do deep soul healing.  Eventually it will increase confidence, by removing fear, and then bring a positive attitude for the person as it heals. The Nebula crystal is an ideal stone to help recovering drug or alcoholic clients – who are often angelic or star souls, which struggle to feel at home on our earth. It is believed it helps with treating cystitis, IBS, bad backs, arthritis and boost fertility in women. It helps with people who self-harm by removing past trauma and encouraging positive outcomes. It brings emotions to the surface, so they can be acknowledged to reveal the truth and then be healed.  The Nebula crystal reminds us of who we are, from our life experiences we have learnt many lessons. Through past life events the person will learn compassion, empathy and understanding of others.  


Opailite 2.jpg


Opalite is very pretty with its rainbow colours and one of my favourites to attract the Angels & fairies. Its energy like its name sake Opal, is works with all the colour Rays, which makes it a versatile crystal. Opalite helps a person who is sad or lonely to see the beauty in everyday things. Its energy lifts people’s mood so they become childlike and playful. Opalite helps people who feel ‘ugly’ and angry after a breakup to heal the emotional hurt or rejection and replace with love of the angels. Opalite is a comfort to those who are going through bereavement or life changes where they feel alone. Opalite works on the crown and 3rd eye chakras to enhance intuition and self-worth. Opalite release negative thoughts so the individual can see ‘things happen for a reason’ and trust in the angels that all is well.  Opalite is believed to overcome exhaustion as well as purify the blood. It is a stone of love and helps people create lasting romantic bonds.

Orange Selenite.jpg

Orange Selenite

Orange Selenite is the 'Stone of Centring', helps the person to centre their mind, body and spirit. Selenite is very pure and harmonious stone. It touches and helps the being where it is most called upon, supporting the mind, body and spirit. A stone that is filled with light and much magic, Selenite attracts many positive energies towards itself, and towards its keeper. This is the perfect stone to help the being to connect with the magic and energy within, as well as for connecting with the spiritual self. Selenite infuses the soul of its keeper with love and light. Despite Orange Selenite works with the being to centre the self as wished, making it a very useful stone in many areas of life. A stone to call upon in such a way where there are tasks to be completed, goals to be reached and desires to manifested. Orange Selenite can help the being to concentrate the self on an exact area, as well helping the flow of energy to higher or lower as necessary. This is a very beneficial stone for meditation to centre the whole of the self, as well as for the being that has an interest in Tantra. Orange Selenite resonates particularly well within the Sacral chakra. A stone that brings forth a spiritual connection between partners on a sexual level, helping to spiritually enhance this area of a relationship, as well as working towards the creation of an improved bond between the two beings overall. Orange Selenite can help the female to recognise her femininity and help the male to recognise his masculinity. This is not meant in a way that either two could go out of balance, although if the being is quite sensitive, it may be wise to pair up Orange Selenite with a stone that offers grounding and fairness. A stone that supports and helps the reproductive and sexual organs, also infusing these particular areas of the being with light energy in order to clear out any energy blockages that may be causing upset. Orange Selenite can help to bring a more balanced and healthy menstrual cycle, as well as especially improving the health of the ovaries and they’re function. Orange Selenite can also help both the male and female to better channel and centre energies associated with sexual frustration and sexual tension.  This is a stone that can help the being that feels anger and pain towards sexuality and its associations, by lifting away any built up negativity, working towards the release and healing of what is causing the anger and pain under the surface. Pair up this stone with another such as Rose Quartz for this purpose. Orange Selenite can be called upon to channel and centre energy when working with the Kundalini, Chi or Life Force energy. It is also a stone that helps the being to know and find who they truly are, as well as encouraging self-confidence and self-esteem. Orange Selenite can help to lower the risk of Brittle Bones and Osteoporosis, as well as being a help in the treatment if one or the other has already occurred. 
A stone that encourages the being to be more positive towards the self, others and life in general, as well as helping to lift the spirit, filling it with joyous and bountiful feeling.




Pietersite is call the Tempest Stone Because its swirling colors resemble a storm. Pietersite often overlooked as it is not a good looking crystal, but do not be fooled by its appearance as it is an extremely powerful crystal. When working with Pietersite I find it helps the person to have a deeper mediation journey, often where the individual visits the Halls of Learning. The Halls of Learning are where the Lords of Karma reside, so is where we can visit to gain knowledge and inspiration; it is also where you can visit to reaffirmed your life’s purpose. Pietersite is really good at helping people who have lost faith in themselves and do not know what they need to do, they have become disillusioned and lost. Pietersite is a powerful cleanser to remove negative energies and emotional turmoil. It is a useful crystal to wear or hold in your left hand to cleanse, realign and repair the auric field. Pietersite is a powerful healer to repair relationships, by working with restoring the etheric cords which are attached to one another. In an argument or disagreement place the Pietersite on or around a phot of the other person and it will help you both to have understanding of each others needs and create empathy towards one another. Unusually Pietersite works to activate in unison, the upper chakra of the 3rd eye and the lower chakra of the Solar Plexus. It helps the intuition to connect to the ‘human dustbin’ (the solar Plexus) to gain wisdom with the emotional trauma and experiences of the past. Learn from past mistakes and see them as lessons well learnt.



Pyrite is also known as fools’ gold. It is used mainly for cleansing negative energy and purifying the atmosphere. Pyrite is useful to place near the front door or in corners around your home, where negative energy may be more evident. If you have any lay lines coming into your home, then place the pyrite at the entry point. Lay lines are important to allow them to flow naturally and the pyrite will allow this by not blocking their flow but by cleansing it. Lay line when they travel through places of dark energy then they bring that energy into your home and can create unrest or headaches. Pyrite is too heavy to use for healing but is excellent at helping the person relax by anchoring and grounding their energy before mediation, ideally place on the floor at your feet. Pyrite can be worn to protect the individual form negative energy but for angelic or star people they might find this too heavy and prefer Smokey quartz instead. Pyrite is self-cleansings so is very effective at shielding or cleansing negative energy.ell as for the being that has an interest in Tantra.



Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the Stone of Love. It has a calming & supportive energy. People who feel loved then feel safe in any situation. Rose quartz is one of the most common that people wear or place near where they sleep, because it helps with restful sleep and prevent nightmares. Rose Quartz helps in releasing excess fluids and impurities from the body, relieving stress and tension and also helps to diminish burns and relieve blistering. It can help to relieve the symptoms of vertigo and also helps with the kidneys and adrenal glands. Rose Quartz encourages feelings of peace and calm. It provides us with emotional support when we most need it and it engenders positive responses. It heightens our self-esteem and is a comforting crystal reducing the fears that accompany pain and injury. Do be aware, however, that for all it calming and soothing properties, Rose Quartz can also be quite a powerful releaser of unexpressed emotions. Rose Quartz promotes unconditional love, both for us and for others. It provides a sense of peace in which we can concentrate on the spiritual aspects of our lives too. A must have crystal for everyone, we all need love



Ruby for centuries has been associated with passion and wealth, maybe because the rich often wore it as a statement to their prosperity. It has been associated with improved energy and concentration, creativity, loyalty, honor and compassion. Ruby is thought to be protective of home, possessions and you family. Ruby encourages joy, laughter courage and carefree attitude to ‘live in the moment’. It promotes positive dreams but your dreams maybe busy, where you feel tired in the morning.  It is an energising crystal where if you feel tired and listless it will lift you and raises your enthusiasm and speeds up metabolism. Will help people who are speakers or manage people to be proactive in what they need to do, with using enthusiasm.

If you wish to be confident and show the world your power, then ruby is the crystal for you.



Seers Stone

The sears stone is often referred to as Window Quartz' or dragon egg because of its ability to enhance mediation and connect to spiritual Dragons. The Seer’s stone is unusual in that it is the shape and texture that give it is name. The quartz crystal has a rough surface with a smooth see through window where you can look inside the crystal. The quartz family which the seers stone come from is Clear Quartz (master quartz), Rose Quartz, Amethyst or Smokey quartz. For some reason I have never known a Seers stone to be Citrine. The Druids and Ancient seers used the seer stone to seek prophecies by gazing (scrying) into the crystals window. It is an excellent stone for meditation, directing energies with more intensity. It connects to the higher self and heals past life trauma. It is a calming crystal that makes the person feel safe and protected. It helps to quieten the busy mind, reduces insomnia and allows restful sleep. It also helps to reduce stress; ease headaches and it is believed to helps with hormone production. Future mums are helped by the Seers stone Dragon energy to feel relaxed, calm and more importantly safe. Mother Nature might prevent the baby being conceived if the mother feels in danger. The seers stone is excellent to help you heal the past with going back to your past lives in meditation. The energy of the crystal will help you connect to your soul and higher self to communicate to assess what action is needed. The Seers stone is like a miniature crystal ball in that it can alter its energy. It can change its purpose to give healing and aid to the individual, depending on their past, present or future needs.



Selenite is one of my favourites, which I use in every healing session. Selenite vibration attracts the angelic realm and especially the cheeky fairies. I have found its one main purpose is to dissolve negative energy in any form, emotional, physical, mentally, and spiritually. Helps the person to not worry so much and to relax, cleanses emotional trauma and past life issues. Selenite comes from the gypsum family and as such should not be placed in water or direct sunlight. It resonates with the energy of the moon so if often associate with the female energy of intuition and feelings.Selenite is associated with the crown chakra and 3rd eye, which in my experience is an excellent position as the mind is the main ‘enemy’ where people worry and think too much. This leads to anxiety, stress, depression, and sometimes self-harm. Even though it is a gentle crystal and delicate, it is powerful in that it does not need cleansing, which makes it ideal to help in any aspect to remove negativity. Place some under your pillow at night to help you let go of worry and encourage a good night’s sleep.    


Smokey quartz

Smokey quartz if a favourite for Star or Angelic people to wear to shield against psychic attack and to create an energy field around their aura for protection. Smokey quartz dissolve negative energy and helps people to release emotional blockages and trauma. Smokey quartz helps to cleanse negative energy and electromagnetic pollution. It helps people with depression or anxiety to lift their moods and helps with headaches. Used often in healing to open and cleanse negativity in chakras. Smokey quartz helps to ground the person and anchor their energy especially if they are scared or nervous. With Smokey quartz being an excellent crystal to clear negative energy it needs to be cleansed and energised regularly to keep it healthy.  Smokey quartz as it is the oldest of the quartz family and not that common it can be expensive. Another useful crystal to own.



Sodalite often gets confused with Lapis Lazuli, An easy way to know the difference is that Sodalite has white streaks whereas Lapis has gold streaks. Sodalite has similar energy to Lapis in that it helps awaken your intuitive connection to your spirit guides and Ascended Masters. Sodalite qualities help the person ‘think’ of ideas, get mor clarity and receive messages from spirit. When placed on the 3rd eye it helps the person let got of thought (logic) so the mind relaxes and tunes into Heaven. Sodalite helps mediums and psychics to see in their minds eye and receive video or visual messages. It is excellent at helping people who are worriers and are constantly thinking and unable to switch off. I have found Sodalite useful for clients who are in the thick of things and are unable to see the wood for the trees. It helps them see their problems from the outside so they can evaluate more easily in what they need to do. Especially clients who have to make life choices which are difficult to judge the correct cause of action when their mind is in a turmoil.


Tigers eye.jpg

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye crystal is referred to as the ‘Courage stone’ this is because the crystal shows similarities to an eye, so was worn by ancient warriors going into battle. I have found it helps clients who are nervous, anxious and have panic attacks. The energy of Tigers eye is grounding so helps the person to be calm in stressful situations. Teenagers can have this on them when doing their exams or taking their driving test, wear in the left pocket or in your bra on the left. Its energy will help those who feel threatened or are worried about what other people think. It gives the person confidence in their ability and not fear other people’s judgements. It attracts the energy of power animal guides, not because of its name but because it has an earthy energy and resonates with our home Lady Gaia. Tigers eye will empower you and increase self-esteem and encourage the person to be honest in non-aggressive way, stand firm and not give in to others, when you know you are right.



Tourmaline is NOT RECOMMENDED. The Tourmaline looks like a piece of coal and can make people feel ill if they were to hold it. Tourmaline is very absorbant and attracts NEGATIVITY in all forms. It is so effective at attracting neagtivity that it dow not know when to stop! This means it can easily LEAK negativity which can contaminate the person or room it is located near.  Do not use. Even qualified experience crystal healers are very wary of this crystal.



For thousands of years Turquoise has been used as a Talisman for good health. Turquoise is a purification stone as it strengthens the auric field from negative energy and can be worn to protect against outside influences or pollutants in the atmosphere.  Turquoise balances and aligns all the chakras, stabilising mood swings and instilling inner calm.  It is excellent for people with depression, anxiety, exhaustion and for reenergising when feeling tired. Turquoise helps prevent panic attacks and gives a shy person confidence and self-worth. It is believed to give resistance to viruses and allergies, especially of the throat. It is a symbol of friendship and stimulates romantic love. Turquoise helps in the absorption of nutrients, enhances the immune system, stimulates the regeneration of tissue, and heals the whole body.  It contains anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects and alleviates cramps and pain.  Turquoise purifies lungs, soothes and clears sore throats, and heals the eyes, including cataracts.  It neutralises over-acidity, benefits rheumatism, gout, stomach problems, and viral infections. Turquoise is a must have crystal, though beware there are many imitations, again if it is cheap then it is more likely to be a fake.

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It is impossible to know every crystal as there are 1000s of them with new ones being discovered. I have been a crystal lover since a teenager and a crystal healer for 20 years, and even I do not know all of them! This is one of the amazing things about crystals, we are still learning about them now. Crystals go far back in history with ancient healers and priests from different cultures around the world, knowing that crystals have something special. Even the scientists agree that crystals hold a fascination. Even if some believe they do not hold power and that it is the placebo effect, I am, many others like me, strongly disagree. There is proof in their worth as they are used in watches and laser equipment.

If you wish to feel the energy of the crystals, just hold one gently in your left hand and see what happens. You will be amazed!

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