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MYSTIC - Wiccan, Druid, Pagan
WORLDWIDE Zoom Virtual Course

The Craft of the Wise

Mystic Course explores different ways to use nature in our daily lives and discovering ancient tools of our spiritual past.
Learn skills and beliefs of the Celtic, Wiccan, Druid and Pagan people.
Connect with nature and Power animal spirit guides to empower your spiritual gifts. Work with runes, Celtic Ogham, crystals, candles and herbs. Improve your wealth, health and relationships with affirmation spells & your intention.
Invoke the help of ancient Gods & Goddesses. Learn ways to bring happiness, confidence & self-worth for you and others.
Discover spiritual secrets of Glastonbury & Stonehenge & their importance to mankind. Restore balance within your home, workplace & garden with the help of the nature elements.

Open & heal your heart to receive Mystic love & light.  

£ 20.00 per session  (12 sessions) 
Includes: work manual, practical & theory sessions & Certificate

 classes held monthly at a date to suit you



New Age Witch

Mystic is a person who practices healing and believes in spiritualism, crystals, divination and other psychic tools. It is a New Age word for Lightworker who have a variety of spiritual senses, clairvoyance, mediumship, and healer. Many Lightworkers today are working in parallel as a healer and medium.  Many of you are Mystics because you have a range of spiritual gifts which you work with daily. A Mystic spread their light to others, which often means the Mystic is a magnet to people needing help or advice. Many Mystics will find complete strangers, children and animals feel comfortable and safe when in the presence of the Mystic’s energy. The Mystic will equally be working with spirit guides, angels and power animals.   A large majority of Mystics have no strict religious beliefs, but they take opinions from a variety of religions for example Pagan, Druid, Shaman and Buddhism. Some also follow some of the beliefs of Wiccan, which is not a true religion but a way of working with nature.   A Mystic is a multi-talented lightworker who has evolved over the centuries, now in their prime as an advanced spiritual worker. A mystic can alter and adapt their psychic skills using a mixture of a spiritual practices.   A true Mystic opens their heart to only work with the light.



Many people believe that a witch is a person (male or female) that works for the dark this is far from the truth. The word Witch translated means Wiseone. Because of this reputation some modern-day witches like to call themselves a ‘White Witch’ or ‘Mystic’. In ancient times the witch would have been respected by the every member of the village as they were highly thought of. They were the village doctor, undertaker, midwife and sometimes a judge that everyone went to for help. Witches work with Mother Nature to heal and give help to people and animals. Witches also use crystals and distant healing, invocations (spells) and wands, just like a modern-day healer would do today.



In the Beginning

Many lightworkers today have ancestors who were at the start of spiritual evolution, these included the Druids, Pagans, Celtics and early Mystics. There are ancient monuments which our ancestors believed had magical power to heal and restore health. These workshops we will be discovering new and old ways of using psychic tools that our spiritual predecessors used. Ancient myths and rituals often had some practical purpose which we now understand why. In times gone by our ancestors may not have understood spiritual power but they followed their intuitive feeling in that it felt right to do so. The workshops are to awaken your curiosity in showing you points of view with the belief of other spiritual groups.  Within some of us we carry sadness from our or our ancestors past where we were ridiculed and punished for believing in Mystic spiritual power. We today have freedom to work, talk and engage with others on this once forbidden subject. Our present and future can heal past hurt by using our natural ability to work with spirit.

It may be hard to imagine but our ancestors lived in isolated villages and small towns. This meant that the people hardly met or spoke with others around the country. The world in ancient times was cruel and dull. The forests were dense with travel very difficult, dangerous and taking days or months to visit another town. Clothes and dwellings were plain and simple. There was a high mortality rate in children and adults often did not live over 30 yrs. People were desperate to believe in a high power to lift them out of this gloom.   Nature was the only consistent element that altered with the seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter would be primarily the same each year with the animals and plants creating a pattern which the villagers soon understood. Our ancestors developed mutual beliefs in their community on disasters or illness was created by an unseen force. They were desperate to blame someone or something when nature was unkind. Over time they created a belief in doing something to appease the Gods in nature. Often isolated villages developed similar beliefs with their superstitions and rituals the same as other villagers around Britain.   Nature was the start of the belief in intuitive instincts, and this has evolved into the spiritual awareness of today.   Out of this chaos healers emerged to help spread the light in dark times.


Used for healing & blessings

Bell - clear & increase energy at the beginning or end of a ritual.  
Broom - sweeping energy & spiritual barrier from negativity.  
Candles -Different colours used for variety of rituals/blessings.  
Cauldron -Used for mixing herbs & burning incense.

Chalice - Use for blessings, cleansing  & intention
Crystals and Gems - help with love, abundance, and protection.  
Divination Tools - Pendulum, crystal ball, Runes, Tarot, angel or divination cards.  
Herbs, dried plants, and spices - Used dry as potpourri or sometimes burnt. Various combinations of herbs, plants and spices that give perfume to aid your intention.  

Incense - Same as herbs, incense is used for cleansing and clearing.  
Book of Shadows - A personal journal to record your thoughts, feelings and favourite blessings.  

Sea Salt - For cleansing objects. 
Statues - Any objects that give you a focal point for spiritual purpose.  
Wands - For projecting your energies to help yourself and others.

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