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Reiki Practitioner Healer

£150 - Home study

£250  Zoom live virtual

£350-  in person - Divided into 2 parts at 3hr approx

Studies to complete case studies



Healing others

Learn and develop healing skills to give healing to others with practical home study doing case studies.        

Course includes:

·    You will receive a full colour illustrated Reiki practitioner Manual

·    Working with your healing spirit guides using crystal pendulum.

·    Understanding the chakra system and auric field.

·    Damages or obstructions to the auric field and how these can be healed.

·    Meditation meeting you healing guides.

·    Attunement to Reiki Practitioner level two Reiki.

·    Students will be given illustrated hand positions for healing on others.

·    Illustrated sequence for healing in wheelchair or sitting.

·    Practical instruction on Reiki healing sequence for others.

·    Learn how to work with the Reiki emotional symbol.

·    Helping clients with healing crisis.

·    Practical demonstration with the student & teacher healing exchange.

·    Sensing negative energy and learning safe removal.

·    Working with the distant healing Reiki Symbol.

.    Distant healing with practical in class demonstration.

.    Distant healing practical follow up treatment for student at home.

·    Student will receive the genuine lineage of Usui Reiki.

·    Contra-indications and client comfort.

·    Consent forms and client aftercare leaflets.

·    Legal requirements of the Practitioner.

·    Marketing, advertising and networking.

·    Advice and guidance on starting your own business.

·    Awarded a Reiki Second Degree practitioner Certificate qualification.

·    All students will have on-going support and mentorship by me.


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'Universal Energy'

Reiki Practitioner is special because you are able to heal others. The Reiki practitioner learns how to use the gift of Reiki to help others using Reiki symbols and distant healing. Distant healing is powerful in healing past, present and future events, which can be sent anywhere in the world. Using the healing energy the practitioner is able to release emotional trauma and pain to aid the well being of others.

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