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Self healing

£100 - Home study

£150  Zoom live virtual

£200-  in person - Approx 3 hours



Self Healing for 21 days

Level One - Reiki first degree Qualification - £150.

Healers start with level one so they are able to remove old emotions which are preventing them from going forward. Reiki one is very special in that the person will find their true self and no longer live in the past. Reiki first degree is for healing on you to remove negative emotions in preparation to doing healing on others.

Course includes:

·  You will receive a full colour illustrated Reiki Manual

·  Understanding Reiki healing

·  How Dr Usui Rediscovered Reiki and why

·  Reiki principles and what they mean

·  Earth Spiritual Evolution

·  Learn to meditate and why it is important

·  Meet your Reiki Healing spirit guide.

·  Colour energy and their purpose

·  Sensing different Reiki types

·  Sensing healing on damaged or blocked chakras

·  Relaxing and grounding energy to stabilise healing

·  The healer protecting your own energy

·  Importance of disconnection and reclaiming energy

·  Ensuring a comfortable and safe healing environment

·  Attunements to Reiki first degree.

·  Invoke and work with the Reiki power symbol

·  Practical hands on self-healing techniques.

·  You will be given an illustrated self-healing demonstration sequence.

·  Preparation for Reiki second degree practitioner level 2.

·  Students will be awarded a Reiki first degree certificate qualification.

·  All students will have on-going support and mentorship by me.


Dr Mikao Usui was a principle of a Christian seminary in Kyoto in Japan. One day some of his pupils asked what happened to the healing method Jesus used and would he be able to carry out this healing method for them. Because he did not know the answer he decided to give up his position and learn more about Christianity and travel to America. He could not find any answers so he then travelled to North Indian. Dr Usui was fluent in Japanese, Chinese and English and he understood Sanskrit. He later returned to Japan where he discovered some Sanskrit symbols in old Buddhist Sutras.

In 1870s he decided to set off to the holy mountain of Kurlyama  and fast and meditate for 21 days in the hope he may get some answers.  Every day he placed a pebble in front of him to remind him how many days he had been there. On the dawn of the last day he saw a shining light moving towards him with fast speed, the light then hit him with such force he thought he was going to die. He saw the colours of the rainbow (chakra colours) and Sanskrit symbols in front of him, he then said “I remember”.

Afterwards he felt full of strength and started to walk down the mountain, where he stubbed his toe and it started to bleed, he placed his hands on the toe and the healing stopped (the first miracle). He then stopped at an Inn and had a large meal, which the Inn keeper advised him not to after fasting for so long, Dr Usui suffered no affects (this the second miracle). The Inn keeper’s granddaughter had bad toothache and Dr Usui asked if he could place a hand on her cheek, the pain ceased immediately (the third miracle).

Dr Usui returned to his monastery and wanted to visit the beggars in the slums of Kyoto.  He spent 7 years in the asylum treating many illnesses



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