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Visit past lives to remove emotional trauma by rescripting or futurising events



Past Life Regression is not hypnotherapy but a therapy which uses mediation to encourage the person to go back in time to their previous life. The person is relaxed, but awake, so they can engage in conversation with the therapist and have control on what they see and sense. The past life regression therapist changes any negative experiences into positive outcomes. In some cases, the therapist will help the client imagine their future as a happy and positive conclusion. The mind can be a person’s loyal friend or harmful enemy, so the regression encourages the person to let go of the past and embrace their future.


Past life regression therapy has become popular recently with many spiritual people. This is because many realise that their past lives have an impact on their current situation.  Many of you may have heard that in the 1980s people were fascinated with Area 51 one and reports of people being abducted by Aliens. This brought about people wanted to be hypnotised so they can see if they were taken aboard a UFO. In my experience of doing Regression clients over the years, I have not heard of anyone on a space craft.


With the growing interest in spiritual work, people now want to heal their soul and release trauma from past lives.  Many believe that their soul has lived in more than one lifetime and as such carries memories which influence their current life. Even a person who was an angel or star person will have memories of being in heaven and on another planet.


Regression helps the individual to let go of the past and to accept their failures as well as their achievements, In, all the years of me doing Past Life Regression I have not known the therapy not to work in one form or another, so long, as the client is ready and willing to let go.



Using guided meditation, I lead the client through an imaginary experience to discover their previous life promises, oaths and deeds. Through regression meditation we are able to revisit the imaginary episode to change into a positive outcome. Many clients have issues in their previous life, such as an oath, a promise, betrayal or guilt which is holding them back in this life.

A persons mistakes and experiences gives them wisdom in how they are, and how they act on this knoweldge wiill empower them if used wisely.


Clients are advised I have no control on what you see in your minds eye. With the experience being personal to the individual it is what you need to see to heal the past. I will be there to support and guide you to undo any wrongs or for you to relive happy times to remind you what a wonderful person you are. Over the years many clients have noticed massive changes in themselves following the Past Life Regression session.    


Please note

I will not do a past life regression session on anyone who is feeling in low spirits or depressed. Unless they agree to healing prior to the having regression and even then I will only do regression when I feel it is suitable for the client.

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Life is a circle

Maria - West Midlands

The main thing is I feel great, and a lot of questions about myself have been answered. I could write a book giving you all the details, but every day when I wake up I feel something new.  

San - Sutton Coldfield

My social life seems to be buzzing. Something strange is definitely happening. Its as if a block that has kept me stuck for so long has removed, and lots of new and exciting things are coming into my life.

Sue - Sutton Coldfield

Even though I never felt different after the Regression, things around me are happening, all of them positive and for the better.  During the Regression Lynda got me to talk about my experiences during a meditation and we visited some of my past lives. It felt strange to sense and feel myself as a man and then a woman, but Lynda kept talking to me all the time, which made me feel safe and excited at the same time.

Jane - Lichfield

Its hard to explain, but I feel different and surer of myself since the session with Lynda. Many things have happened and so much for the better. I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can recognise a pattern in this life, which I have brought with me from my previous lives. Its amazing how different I feel,

I can't thank Lynda enough.

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