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Healing with Colour

Using Reiki symbols which vibrate at same frequency of corresponding colour.


Option A – Home Study £80

Home study – students receive manual via email.

Attunement scheduled at a time convenient to student to receive live.  

Qualification certificate emails after attunement

Option B – Virtual class (approx. 3hrs) £160

Virtual courses are live with tutor.

Manual emailed prior to course so student can prepare for class.

Qualification certificate emails after attunement.

Students receive lifetime tutor support.

Reiki healing with colour. Light rays in nature & our home. How colour affects our emotions. How colour helps healing. Colour vibrational energy, feel and sense colour vibration. Chakra and auric, balance, repair and energised with colour healing energy. Golden Ray Universal energy. Ascended Masters healing ray colour purpose.  Archangels colour frequency. Rainbow Bridge to animal’s heaven. Use colour to heal your Higher-Self. Mirror image healing. Healing ray shower. High frequency symbols to increase colour energy.  ATTUNEMENT to Golden Ray Reiki MASTER  

Course includes: full colour 2 part manual, practical & theory Rainbow Master Reiki Level 3 certificate.



We often take colour for granted without realising the importance of colour. Colour can increase energy vibration, enhance a healing session and lift a person’s spirit. Colour is within and surrounding all objects and living things. What clothes you wear will help or hinder your auric field energy. If you wear black it will make your auric field feel heavy and repressive. When you wear pink, purple or white it will increase your energy. When you feel sad or low then wear something bright to uplift you.

People see and sense colour as being peaceful or uncomfortable, therefore many people can have mood swings. Colour has a psychological effect on a person’s state of mind, even when we wear a certain colour this can influence how we feel.


In our solid ‘real’ world black and white are not recognised as a true colour, but when working with our spirit guides and light beings, black and white are especially important as they signify positive and negative energy. All light beings use colour in many ways when they are working; the Ascended Masters have specific roles and use the colour to help them. The Ascended Master work with a colour ray and the Highest Ray is the Golden Ray. The Golden ray will help you sense and detect colour changes in your environment, yourself and of course your clients. The Ascended Masters are not the only light beings that use the Rays the Archangels also can channel colour in healing and protection.

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