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WORLDWIDE Zoom Virtual Course

Helping others to let go of bad habits, phobias & old trauma from past lives

6 sessions at £30 instalments

classes held monthly at a date to suit you


Do you keep making the same life mistakes and situations keep repeating themselves?

Have you met a stranger and felt you already know them?

Have you always wondered why are you here and what is your life’s purpose?

Past life Regression will help you find answers to these questions.

                                                Past Life Regression facts

  • During a past life regression, you’ll experience memories from your previous lives and receive greater understanding of who you are.


  • If a traumatic experience from a past life is still affecting you in the present life, we can re-program and rescript the outcome.


  • A Past life where the situation was not resolved we can revisit the situation to give closure.


  • Everyone has soul mates, twin flames and soul friends who connected from past lives to the current life.


  • Returning to your past life will reveal people you know in your current life and why they are with you now.


  • An Oath, promise or contract agreed in a past life could be preventing the person from having success and happiness in this life. Regression can dissolve to remove them.


  • Past Life memories can reveal hidden talents and help give confidence by revealing your gifts.


  • Remembering who you were and where you came from, will help you understand your soul mission and life purpose.


  • Reliving a past life experience can help break bad patterns and enable the client to make long-term positive changes in the present life.


  • Clients often feel more confident and positive after the Regression session, due to having a chance to heal past life situations.



Emotional healing through past life experiences

£30 per monthly session total 6 sessions  

Further develop skills to alter negative beliefs, learnt behaviour and heal fears or phobias through regression guided meditation.  

Practical and theory during each session. Library of the mind, why regression helps people Who are negative, identifying turning and shut down points, healing physical problems with regression, Inhibitors, accessing secrets, insecurities, soul importance, suppressed ascended master, Current issues, phobias, learnt behaviour, instinct or parental imprints dissolved, gain control, reclaim power, other people’s influences. Saboteurs or spies exposed, who to trust, handling the death experience, Lemurian,  Current friends from past lives, Familiar faces, regress to a famous figure from the past, Family member roles reversal, Inner child regression, Atlantis, Akashic records, Lords of karma, Book of Life, Recognising and overcoming attachment to the body at death, Visiting other worlds, meet the Pleadian, Orion, Neptune light beings, Counsel Friends and family in dreams or meditation regression, resolve current issues. Back to your roots, foetus, rebirth, Meeting Source our creator, White Brotherhood.



Past life regression therapy has become popular recently with many spiritual people. This is because many realise that their past lives have an impact on their current situation.  

With the growing interest in spiritual work, people now want to heal their soul and to do this they seek ways of help, one of these is Regression. Many believe that their soul has lived in more than one lifetime and as such carries memories which influence their current life. Even a person who was an angel will have memories.

 Regression helps individually to let go of the past and to accept their failures as well as their achievements, In all the years of me doing Past Life Regression I have not known the therapy not to work, so long as the client is ready and willing to let go.



Regression is a very powerful therapy; it has the ability if done correctly to bring positive changes to your clients. How regression works is that it influences the subconscious mind as well as the conscious mind, both have powerful implications for the client.  Regression therapy is not to be confused with hypnotherapy that is a different technique which is taught by professional body. Regression is used with a meditation technique to relax the client and for them to heal themselves by letting go of the past.

With using meditation, the therapist can bypass the client's analytical mind and access forgotten memories, including suppressed and repressed issues. Many forgotten memories, especially traumatic ones, are instilled in the unconscious mind. We all have defence mechanisms where the mind can shut out memories which are too distressing.  I have known with clients who have witnessed death, murder, rape and abuse shut out this memory so they are unable to relive it by thinking about it.

Regression therapy is a therapeutic process that uses a person’s life experiences as source material to resolve current problems. Regressing someone back to his or her childhood or a past-life is common to most people it’s just they do not realise they are doing it. How many times have you or someone talked and thought about what has happen as a child, and you or they are recalling the experience as if it was happening now? If you listen carefully, people regress all the time, whether it is in the pub at a party or dinnertime at work.

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