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The Grand Master

£300 - Distant learning Home study

£500 - Zoom live Virtual course

£700 - In person approx 4 hours

The Reiki attunements are recieved by students live

in real time. This I believe make the energy exchange more powerful and personal for the student.

Non resident students I will require the

time difference with the UK England & your country.




A Grand Master is an individual who has progressed through to Level 3, master and works with higher healing levels of vibration. All Reiki Masters have the potential to become "Grand Masters," over time and with experience. As soon as we have our Masters Reiki 3 or Reiki 4 teachers attunement we are already being prepared for Ascension. This means we are eligible to become "Grand-Masters" consciously or subconsciously, at whatever our area of expertise is. The Grand Masters initiation/attunement ceremony activates our soul memories to release negative karma and empowers the soul with positivity.

Grand master status is really our soul energy is vibrating at an extremely high frequency which can penetrate into solid matter more easily than a Reiki Practitioner. With our human bodies being made up of bone and solid matter the increased vibration of a Grand Master is able to use the meridian lines to channel energy for example the ends of the fingers.

Some people have an inner knowing that they are ‘stuck’ spiritually which is preventing them from completing their life’s purpose. This inner knowing is the persons Higher Self, who is urging the person to go as high as they can spiritually by increasing their vibration which then enables both the person and their Higher Self to go forward. It is almost as if the Higher Self can relax and allow natural spiritual forces to take control after the person has reached Grand Master frequency.


The uniqueness of Grand master healing is not only is its strength,

but it opens chakras in the healers feet and wrists, as well as laser healing energy emitting out of the finger tips. The Grand Master is able to spread their fingers and the energy comes out of the end of each finger into a laser energy. This laser energy will spread out as a beam of healing and will heal who or what is at the other end of the beam. A Grand Master will be able to send this beam energy over long distances so long as there is no solid structure or person in the way of the beam. When the healing beam makes contact it will defuse and heal whatever is in its path.

The Grand Master healing is so strong and intense that it can travel through solid wood and brickwork as if they were invisible. This means in theory the Grand Master can give healing to buildings.


Reiki 5/6 Grand Master Dr Usui

Must be attuned to Master level 3 or 4 to receive theses 2 attunements.  


Learn spinal canal cleaning, aura entity retrieval, Karmic soul attachment separation, Saboteur release, soul’s imposter. Energy Field healing, higher self-joining, fingertip projection healing, embryo healing, out of body healing, Grand master Symbols, Grand master Lineage. Become a higher light being by helping others

to reach enlightenment.  


Level Five - Grand Master

This energy is called the Great Harmony - Dai Cho Wa

Master/Teacher continuation and completion of the Dr Usui system of natural healing to level five,

Reiki Grand Master.

Initiation for Reiki Master teacher to advance to the next Master teacher level of Grand Master.

This initiation invokes Reiki-Laser energy.


Level Six - Grand Master

This energy is called the The Great Separation - Dai Fa Shu

Master/Teacher continuation and completion of the Dr Usui system of natural healing to level Six,

Reiki Grand Master.

Very powerful Reiki-Laser energy vibration.

Bringing balance, harmony & wisdom to the Reiki Grand Master teacher.


Levels five & six balance Yin & Yang energy.


Course Includes:

-Reiki Grand Master certificate.

-Full colour Grand Master manual

-Grand Master course information videos in 2 parts

-Course notes

-Grand master scroll

-Reiki Grand Master Attunement level 5 The Great Harmony

-Reiki Grand Master Attunement level 6 The Great Separation

-Awarded a Reiki Grand Master level 5 Certificate qualification

-Awarded a Reiki Grand Master level 6 Certificate qualification

-All students will have on-going support and mentorship by me


Reiki Grand Master is a special honour as the healer will be granted permission to attend The White Brotherhood meetings as an apprentice. Grand Master status increases your vibration to channel messages, healing and thoughts to others, consciously and subconsciously. Grand Master energy frequency heals groups of people, nations and countries all at the same time.

Grand Master is a person who is humble, respectful of others, who holds no judgement or bitterness. The person who is a Grand Master must not be so out of seeking ego or self-importance.


It is the healers Higher Self, the soul energy who is attuned to this high frequency of Grand Master and as such the person is just the vessel.  


Grand Masters heal others in their dreams and help wherever their energy can serve a higher purpose for the planet and heavens.



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