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£150 - Home study

£200  Zoom live virtual

£300-  in person - Approx 3 hours



Healing with the Ascended Master

Level Three - Reiki Master Qualification

Advance healer attuned to Reiki karmic symbol working with Ascended Master healing guides.


Course includes:

·   Student will receive a full colour illustrated Reiki Master Manual

·   Understanding karma health issues and Reiki healing the past.

·   Advanced chakra system.

·   Meeting your Ascended Master and master healing guide.

.   Responsibility of a Master healer.

.   Space clearing and soul releasement.

·   Channel and sense Ascended Master energies.

·   Healing with different Ascended Master types.

·   Working with Master symbols the traditional and modern.

·   Attunement to Reiki Master level 3

·   Awarded a Reiki Master Third Degree Certificate qualification.

·   You will receive the lineage of Dr Usui Reiki.

·   Students will be given Free Ascended Master Meditation cards.

·   All students will have on-going support and mentorship by me

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Letting go of logic

The Master attunement intensifies your karmic energy and helps you to release old promises and obligations that are no longer apparent. When a person becomes a master they are ‘reborn’ and change in the way they feel and their life’s purpose becomes more apparent. The master attunement changes a person so they become more focused and have direction in their life

Many people when they decide to become a Reiki master have had a life change or are going through one. Some feel it is time to find out who you really are and what will truly make you happy. Life is for living and even our bad experiences have made us into who we are today and that is why we love ourselves and proud of what we have become.

The new master often will be a lot calmer, self-assured and less likely to get angry as they see things as happening for a reason and personal positive challenges rather than negative. Many masters make the vow to no longer take ‘second best’ and to stand up for what they believe and know in their heart to be right.


Reiki Master Guides will join the Reiki healer before their Master attunement often as soon as the person has stated their intention to do a Master course. Master guides will introduce themselves in either a dream or a meditation. The Master guide’s purpose is to prepare the person for Master status by accessing the maturity of the person by giving them tests. These tests are in ‘real’ life situations and also during dreams they will manifest lessons, these lessons are often to do with honesty, patience, respect for self and others with many more lessons.  When the person has passed these lessons they are permitted to have the attunement.



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