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Working with your Spirit Guides & Angels

Develop confidence with working with your spirit guides & angels. Learn life skills to help you increase your intuitive thoughts by creating calm, peace & balance in your home, work & family life. How does meditation connects you to the angels & spirit guides. Learn how to protect your home & self from outside harmful influences. Increase your psychic skills to bring in positivity & happiness. Sense & feel your angels with the help of your spirit guides.

Do you believe in Angels & life after death?

Would you like to discover the truth about the spirit world?

Do you have a passion for spirituality, intuition, meditation, angels & spirit guides? Would you like to join like-minded people where we do group practical exercises, so you develop your psychic ability.


I can teach you how to sense your loved ones are near & watching over you. My aim is to help you feel confident & have trust in your psychic gifts. Everyone can be intuitive & use this to help in every aspect of your life & I will show you how. I will show you different ways to sense & communicate with your angels, guides & loved ones.

Are you curious to know more?

Then the Psychic course is for you. It's on Zoom so you can join from anywhere in the world. The Psychic course is suitable for all levels, everyone can learn to work with spiritual energy.

6 sessions at £20 instalments

classes held monthly at a date to suit you

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have your own personal understanding and awareness of your spirit guides and angels.

  • Know ways in which Spirit Guides and angels can help you on your life’s journey.

  • Have the knowledge on how to shield your energy from negativity.

  • Discover ways of protecting your home and work from harmful outside influences.

  • Be aware of colour spectrums and how they can influence your auric field and can be used to heal, protect, and increase spiritual connection.

  • Meditate to open yourself up to guidance from your spirit guides and angels.

  • Be more familiar with the wide variety of tools and techniques used to connect and communicate with your spirit guides and angels.

  • Have the skills to connect with your guides and angels through divination, meditation, and dream states.

  • Be aware of your vibration and how to raise it.

  • Build confidence in your own ability to change life events and how you react to them.

  • Learn to listen to your inner self by using your intuitive senses and not reliant on your logical mind.

  • Develop skills to build a foundation for a long-lasting connection to your spirit guides and angels.


What you will learn…

  • ·        Protect yourself from negative people who drain you.

  • ·        Empaths disconnect & reclaim their energy.

  • ·        How to open your chakras safely.

  • ·        Discover how to keep your chakras & auric field strong & healthy.

  • ·        How to shield your home from external harmful energy.

  • ·        To locate spiritual portals & how to create guarded vortexes to prevent any unwelcome activity.

  • ·        Importance of colours & how they can affect your moods.

  • ·        Discover the amazing tool of the dowsing pendulum.

  • ·        Connect to your spirit guides for advice & help through meditation & dreams.

  • ·        Develop confidence in your intuition by suppressing the logical mind.

  • ·        Develop skills to interpret messages from my spirit guides & angels.

  • ·        Exercises in recognising warning or encouragement from your spirit guides & angels.

  • ·        Introduction to Mediumship & divination cards.

  • ·        Discover ways of bringing positivity & happiness into your life.

  • ·        Introduction to animal power guides & their role.

  • ·        Psychic drawing interpretation.

  • ·        The importance of intention & how this can help or hinder a person.

  • ·        How to manifest what you need with the help of your guides & angels.

Course includes:


  • Practical & theory sessions.

  • You will receive a full colour illustrated EManual

  • Develop basic skills in clairvoyance and mediumship

  • Discover how to safe guard your home with guarded portals

  • Learn importance of protecting your energy from others

  • Understand the need to anchor your energy

  • Sense colour how this effects your moods

  • Work with pendulums to develop a connection to guides & angels

  • Sense different types of spiritual energy

  • Gain confidence in taking ownership of life changes

  • Work with Archangels & Ascended Masters & learn their basic roles

  • Develop trust & confidence with guides & angels

  • Session meditations for personal spiritual development

  • Understand safe negativity removal in home & self

  • ​Classes held monthly via live Zoom link.

  • All students will have on-going support and mentorship by me.  

  • Course Certificate awarded on completion of course


Build trust & confidence in spirit

Spirits and after life is often a taboo subject, but something that is widely spoken about when a person plucks up the courage to speak about it. Everyone I believe has some spiritual gifts, if the person choices to use it or not is up to them. A closed person is usually someone who has the gift but are frightened to use it and don’t know how. Our psychic skills are our instinct and basic human intuitive thoughts which when encouraged can develop into an amazing talent which will help everyone.

Spirit guides and angels understand people can be nervous when they first start. I encourage people to feel relaxed. And build up trust in what they sense and feel. Everyone learns in different ways and as a teacher I help the student to discover their spiritual ability at their own pace.

spirit guides4.jpg


Patience & loving support

I regularly come across students who are in a hurry and very eager to learn everything at once. Our spirit guides and angels want everyone to develop naturally and take our time. Often the student will have a family member who has passed, and they are their spirit guide. The family member sometimes will need time to adjust to being free of a human body and having chance to climatise to being a spirit.

Spirit guides have an enormous amount of patience, this may also be because some of them are hundreds of years old. They have chosen a person as they known they have the psychic gift. They will not want the individual to learn in a hurry in case they then lose confidence.

Many spiritual people have spirit guides that are so advanced that their appearance is opaque, due to them vibrating at a high frequency.


Please tell me which course you are interested in.

Thanks for submitting!

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Students feedback

“Long may the sessions continue. Lynda has been superb during the sessions. She has put them in a way that is easy to understand and always there to help me”

“Thank you Lynda. I have built up my confidence with spirit and have met some lovely people on my course. Cannot wait to return on the next one”

“Very enjoyable. Nice group of people. Very peaceful & relaxed. Given me much more hope and my threes words – peace, power, confidence”

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