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Combination of Crystals & Reiki



I combine Reiki healing with crystals to give clients a relaxing in depth healing experience to promote peace and harmony. With every session I offer spiritual counselling & advice.

Combined Reiki & Crystal healing

All conditions are helped with Reiki healing & crystal therapy because both methods work on removing blockages and negative energy on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Levels. Crystals contain their own vibration, and their energy works with the body’s natural energy to realign and balance any damaged areas or trauma within the body. Healing is excellent with helping people who suffer with Stress, IBS, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, bad backs, aches and pains, low self-esteem and much more. 


The healing removes negative sad energy and replacing it with positive good energy.  The healing is very relaxing and uplifting. The client lies fully clothed on a therapy couch. With Covid guidelines I ask clients to disinfect hands on arrival and to bring their own blanket and pillow. I will place healing crystals on the blanket over your chakra points and various parts of your body, not on any sensitive areas.

I channel Reiki healing into the top of the head flushing out any toxins which exit out of the feet. Clients often fall asleep because the healing is very relaxing and not at all obtrusive.

With the hectic pressure of daily life many people suffer stress and anxiety which can cause physical and emotional problems. Healing helps to bring balance and restores physical, emotional and spiritual happiness.  


Healing session fee is £50.00


Benefits of healing


~  Reduces stress  

~  Relaxes the mind

~  Helps with aches & pains

~  Relaxation

~  Pain management

~  Relaxes the worried mind

~  Reduced depression

~  Improves sleep

~  Aids digestion problems

~  Enhanced well-being

~  Stronger self-esteem

~  Reduced side effects from radiation & chemotherapy

~  Strengthens immune system

~  Increase confidence

~  Helps to restore self worth

~  Promotes peace of mind

~  Heightened intuition

~  Energies and balances the physical, mental & spiritual bodies.

Advantages of  healing

  • Helps to heals trauma

  • Increases self-esteem & self-worth

  • Helps with relieving stress, anxiety & insomnia

  • Reduces aches & pains

  • Removes Negative energy from the body

  • Restores, cleanses & energies the mind, body & soul

  • Boosts the Immune system

  • Balances & realigns the energy chakras

  • Strengthens and repairs the auric field

  • Enhances energy levels

  • Heightens intuition and personal power

  • Help to restore calm & peace  




Crystal healing facts

Crystal healing dates back to over 6,000 years ago with the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia.

Leonardo da Vinci reportedly kept a gemstone on his desk, claiming, “Amethyst dispels evil thoughts and speeds up thinking.

Crystals redirect and re-channel energy flow with their unique energetic vibrations, helping to unblock areas of the body or energy field that have become damaged.

Archaeological finds show that amber was in use for protection and well-being as far back as 10,000 years ago in the UK.

In Egypt Priests used lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald & master quartz crystals for medicinal and ritual purposes.

Crystals are mentioned in the bible over 200 times.



1hr 30mins approx. including consultation


Soul & Karmic trauma healing

Block of 5 sessions, the 5th Session free of charge

Reiki Treatment


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‘I have a stressful job in the health sector and with the recent death of my husband, I was very emotional and tearful at work. My friend suggested I try healing and recommended Lynda, I was very sceptical but desperate for help, so thought I give it a try. Lynda made me feel at ease immediately and reassured me, which helped me relax while having the healing session.  I was genuinely amazed at how I could sense the energy in my tummy, legs, hands and feet. It was not at all uncomfortable and it felt intriguing with the way it made me relax and almost drift off to sleep. This has changed my usually logical opinion into wanting to know more. The evening after the healing with Lynda I slept right through and felt so different. The following days since the healing I feel more calm and cheerful.  I will certainly continue having healing with Lynda and I would recommend any sceptics among you to give it a try.’

‘My daughter suggested I see Lynda for some healing because I suffer with anxiety and have trouble sleeping. I am a shy person, so I was nervous about what to expect. Lynda was so kind and she listened to me without making me feel silly. When Lynda took me into her healing room I was surprised at how peaceful I felt. Lynda lay me down on her couch and covered me in a purple blanket, she then placed some crystals on me; the one of my tummy felt warm and I had tingling on the one on my forehead. During the healing I managed to relax and I imagined memories of me as a young girl. The sessions with Lynda have changed me, I feel less nervous and have started going out more, and even family members have noticed a change in me. I thank Lynda for showing me a way to feel happy again.’

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