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ARCHANGEL & FAIRIES worldwide Zoom virtual Course

10 sessions at £20 instalments

classes held monthly at a date to suit you

Discover the power of manifestation with the Archangels and how the cheeky fairies bring fun and laughter.

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10 sessions held monthly at £20 instalments

Each session will be working with the Archangels and elemental kingdom. Learn how to invoke their energy to help others and the environment. Sense and feel their presence of each individual.

There are more Archangels that you have not met yet or even know about. Where do Archangels go to rest, work and play? Learn ways on how the new Archangels and fairies help us. Do you believe in fairies, what do they do? Green men and their tree friends within the elemental kingdom. How fairies and archangels help our pets and children. Come and meet the cheeky fairies and all their friends. Do you have fairies in your home or garden? Learn more about these special beings.

Course includes. Course notes, practical, theory & certificate.



Archangels are angels which have evolved over 1000s of years mature spiritual experience. An Archangel has earned their position over many years by assisting mankind and our planet. An Archangel has earned their respect and status, so all other angels seek their guidance and spiritual knowledge, and because of this, Archangels are also teachers.

Archangels’ main role is to help mankind and to give spiritual instructions to angels who have direct contact with people. Archangels are responsible for organising subservient angels and giving them tasks to help people. The angels then pass on Archangel spiritual instructions to the fairy kingdom (the elemental's). 

Archangels have wings like a swan, though they do not always show their wings, when at rest their wings are disguised within their aura. All Archangels are humble with no ego, so if they manifested themselves, they rarely show their wings, as this might be as them ‘showing off’. In dreams all of you will have met and spoken to an Archangel which you may have thought they are just a normal person.

Archangels try their best to make people feel at ease, so they try to be as human as possible when conversing with a person. Many Archangels are similar size to people, but some are so tall we cannot see them, these will be the Thrones, they watch over our planet. Pilots in aeroplanes have reported seeing angels in the sky and there have been many reports in both World War 1 and 2 of angels been seen on the battlefield. Some people also believe Lucifer (the dark Lord) as being an Archangel because of his history as being god's favourite and being the only one allowed into god's throne to watch over humans.

Archangels do not work as Guardian angels as they are high ranking and need to help many people as possible. Though they will help anyone that needs their assistance, for example Archangel Michael helps us daily with protection.



Do you believe in fairies? Yes, they are real, and they do exist. Fairies are very shy and will hide from us as we frighten them due to our size. Next time you are out in your garden, sit quiet and see if you notice flashes of light or movement above the flowers.

Have you ever felt cobwebs on your face or an itchy nose when holding a crystal? It is more than likely to be an elemental being inquisitive and her wings gently touching your face.

The fairies are often called elementals due them resonating with the element they are attracted to such as  fire, earth, water or air. Most fairies are cheeky, playful and mischievous, but watch out for the temperamental Salamanders who work with the element of fire!

Elementals are "Nature's Angels" and they have various names including Fairies, Elves, Devas, Brownies, Leprechauns, Gnomes, Sprites, Pixies as well as many others.  These nature spirits are governed by the Archangels. Elementals have butterfly looking wings and Angels have feathered bird wings. 

Elementals or fairies are afraid of adult humans due to our size, so they are more likely to be seen by children. They do not like loud noises or sudden movements from larger animals, such as humans. Elementals are usually invisible to humans, living among the trees, rivers, plants, bogs, mountains, and minerals. They attach themselves to practically every natural thing. Because of their size and the way they can camouflage themselves they are difficult to see. I have only every seen 2, both were flying above me on the ceiling and flew through the ceiling wall. They are the size of a Barbie doll and have a high vibration rate which makes them look transparent. I have also seen larger elementals in the trees and undergrowth. They will blend into their surroundings and their appearance resembles the tree or plant. The Green man belief is a good example of this. For centuries various cults have believed in the green man spirit who lives in the trees and forests of the world.

Elementals look after the plants and flowers by removing negative energy and replacing with positive energy. Sometimes you may see one around your indoor plant, if you soft stare you may see a heat haze and movement between the leaves. Elementals are easier to see when they are working as their energy is increased, but when they are resting or sleeping, they are almost invisible.

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