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Soul Karmic imprint healing

Course 5 sessions hedl weekly with 5th session free

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Reiki Treatment


Soul healing

Shadow work is healing the soul from past emotional trauma of this & their past lives. Each healing session is done consecutively, weekly, so the healing can penetrate deeper each time the client is healed. Each layer of the auric field will hold memory imprints which are harmful to the person and require removal. People who self-harm with thoughts & actions may hold on to hurt, if the client is ready & willing to let go then the Show work will help them.
Clients need to be aware the Show Work is intense healing which may be unsettling as it brings up deep rooted emotional trauma but is very effective.


Each healing session will be adapted to suit the client’s individual needs. I will use a combination of Reiki healing, crystal therapy & sound depending on what is required.  

Clients will need to be aware as the healing is working on releases emotional imprints or trauma that they may feel emotional afterwards. After each healing session I advise all clients to rest.

Benefits of shadow healing

~  Inner peace

~  Oneness

~  Self love

~  Self respect

~ Self worth

~ Confident in who you are

~ Accept things happen for reason

~  Reduced depression

~  Improves sleep

~  Enhanced well-being

~  Stronger self-esteem

~  Increase confidence

~  Helps to restore self-worth

~  Promotes peace of mind

~  Heightened intuition

~  Appreciation

~ Self reliant

~ More confidence & less needy

~ Happiness

~ Reclaim your power

~  Awaken you inner child



‘I have a stressful job in the health sector and with the recent death of my husband, I was very emotional and tearful at work. My friend suggested I try healing and recommended Lynda, I was very sceptical but desperate for help, so thought I give it a try. Lynda made me feel at ease immediately and reassured me, which helped me relax while having the healing session.  I was genuinely amazed at how I could sense the energy in my tummy, legs, hands and feet. It was not at all uncomfortable and it felt intriguing with the way it made me relax and almost drift off to sleep. This has changed my usually logical opinion into wanting to know more. The evening after the healing with Lynda I slept right through and felt so different. The following days since the healing I feel more calm and cheerful.  I will certainly continue having healing with Lynda and I would recommend any sceptics among you to give it a try.’

‘My daughter suggested I see Lynda for some healing because I suffer with anxiety and have trouble sleeping. I am a shy person, so I was nervous about what to expect. Lynda was so kind and she listened to me without making me feel silly. When Lynda took me into her healing room I was surprised at how peaceful I felt. Lynda lay me down on her couch and covered me in a purple blanket, she then placed some crystals on me; the one of my tummy felt warm and I had tingling on the one on my forehead. During the healing I managed to relax and I imagined memories of me as a young girl. The sessions with Lynda have changed me, I feel less nervous and have started going out more, and even family members have noticed a change in me. I thank Lynda for showing me a way to feel happy again.’

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