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Home Study LIVE Reiki distant attunement £80

Will require Worldwide students’ difference with UK GMT time.


Lyran Reiki is another galactic energy which is at least 3000x stronger or more, than the traditional Dr Usui Reiki, therefore only Master healers can be attuned to it. The Lyrans purpose is to awaken human dormant Galactic chakras to aid multidimensional communication to Universal gateways. These Gateways contact Galacitc information which until now has not been available to human kind.



Lyrans are similar to the Andromedans and Arcturians in that they are a gentle, private race of beings. They are against any dark forces or other alien races who take control of others against their will, for example some of the Reptilians and the Greys. They sometimes work with our communication spirit guides as they have the ability to communicate telepathically to the living and those that have passed. They have been around for a long time and rarely show themselves in spiritual or physical form due to their appearance. The Egyptians were aware of them and as sign of respect carved pictures of them 0n their monuments.


There are different types of hybrids Lyrans for example. the Cat-like Lyrans, descendants of Pleiadians, Orions, Sirians, bird-like Lyrans and human types from Atlantis. But there is one race of Lyran’s who are not so friendly these are the Vega Lyrans. People believe they are the pure-bred race who has isolated themselves from others, so has become suspicious and unfriendly to keep their ancient secrets. I believe they are not a threat to humans or others they are just private and untrusting other races who maybe a threat to them with being naïve. Some races are eager to make friends or help others and by doing so place themselves and their kind in danger of dark forces.


The Lyrans purpose is to awaken human dormant Galactic chakras to aid multidimensional communication. Lyrans are here to awaken lightworkers to a higher level of spiritual awareness where the ‘human’ 3rd-dimensional chakras are no longer as important as the 4th and 5th dimensional chakras


The Lyran Reiki healing activates the transpersonal chakras and Gateway Chakras to heal the soul of past galactic trauma or memories of defeat and pain. Lyran Reiki empowers the soul and Higher Self. Increases soul evolution for Ascension and beyond.

Attunement to Lyran Reiki enables the Higher Self to download divinely guided LightCodes to initiate DNA regeneration as well as learn about historical galactic lineage and heritage healing to open your connection and knowledge that goes beyond the reincarnated lives of your earthly existence to your galactic existence.

Working with your Lyran guides will increase your Intuitive Abilities because they use their telepathic ability to give and receive messages.


The Lyrans have been observing our earth and our spiritual evolution for many decades. Some believe they were here a long time before the Arcturians or the Andromedans. It was the Lyrans that instigated and encouraged other species to join Atlantis. Many planets and species of light beings joined in the spiritual experiment of Atlantis, learning from each other how to use the Light for the good of all.


Lyrans are varied and they are scattered in the constellations of Pleiades, Lyra, Sirius and in another Universe. It is believed they mated with other species like the Reptilians (not Drogans, who are more volitile), and that is why there are many different types. Some of the Lyran’s ancestors were a feline-type species.


Option A – Home Study £80

Home study – students receive manual via email.

Attunement scheduled at a time convenient to student to receive live.  

Qualification certificate emails after attunement

Students receive lifetime tutor support.

Option B – Virtual class (approx. 3hrs) £160

Virtual courses are live with tutor.

Manual emailed prior to course so student can prepare for class.

Attunement scheduled at a time convenient to student to receive live.  

Qualification certificate emails after attunement.

Students receive lifetime tutor support.

Course includes: full colour 2 part manual, practical & theory Lyran Master Reiki Level 3 certificate.


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