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WORLDWIDE Virtual Zoom Workshop

10 sessions at £20 per session

classes held monthly at a date to suit you



Virtual Course
£ 20.00 per session held monthly (10 sessions per course)

Each session we will cover in-depth knowledge on Ascended Masters roles & personality. What do they look like, how do they help us, learn ways to invoke their assistance? Sense Ascended Masters energy within dreams and meditation. Discover how you can invoke spiritual power for prosperity & respect by encouraging co-incidences with the Masters.  Never before in earth’s history has there been so much Ascended Master energy. Learn how you can work with the Ascended Master’s Buddha, Quan Yin, Sananda & many others to improve your life. How the Ascended Master’s can help with work, family, pets, love, abundance, self-worth, healing, courage, confidence and enlightenment.      

Course incl. practical & theory, Course notes, & Certificate



Souls are sent down to earth into a human body to learn lessons from their life here on earth. The soul can return to earth many times, both as a man and as a woman. Only when the soul has learnt as many lessons as possible will the soul be permitted to remain in the Higher Realms. This process is called enlightenment and ascension. Eventually the soul will be so experienced that they will be able to help and assist other souls on the earth plain, in human bodies, and also souls who are in the Higher Realms. Each time the soul returns to the Higher Realms after leaving the human plain (death) they will have to go before the Lords of Karma to explain and be judged on their actions of the life they have just left.   

For the first time in earths history for Ascended Masters to be walking among us. This has been made possible since the earth attunements of the planets alignment in 2012. Many of us are far closer than we realise to being an Ascended Master that is because we are consciously learning spiritual skills while we are awake. Usually people are unaware of how spiritual there are, they continue learning spiritual experiences within their subconscious in their dreams.

Light workers are eager to learn as much as possible and attend spiritual courses so they can achieve spiritual maturity while in the physical body. Ideally a person should be the same as when they are awake or asleep, this is while some religions like to go on a retreat to escape the ‘real’ world. I like spiritual retreats as this helps you spend quality time with your spirit guides. But as soon as the person comes back into the busy life they partly revert back to being logical and loose some of what they have gained at the retreat. The best option is to do some form of spiritual learning on a daily or weekly basis so you are educating your human mind to open up your intuitional mind. Like all things it needs to fit in with your way of life and to enhance who you are, so you grow as a human being as well as a spirit.

Everyone is a teacher, this does not necessarily mean you teach in a classroom, but you share your knowledge with friends and family, this is teaching others what you know. In your dreams you will be more than likely doing the same with the souls you meet, some of these souls belong to a human vessel and are just ‘visiting’ while others maybe a lost soul. When your Pleadian life guide is confident that you understand as well as believe what you say he will take you to the Halls of Learning. With the Halls you will be talking and chatting to others and by doing so are spreading the word, learning from each other and gaining confidence.



The Lords of Karma are the record keepers of the Akashic records, these are the spiritual library on all of the lifetime experiences of everyone who has been on earth. The Lords of Karma have to be consulted prior to a soul returning to earth, this is partly due to their being not enough human bodies for all the souls wishing to continue their education in a human body. The other reason is the soul will have to state what lessons they wish to learn if they are given a human body and what they will teach others. Everyone is learning from each other, by the actions, words and deeds they do.  The soul will have to have a period where they learn negative and bad deeds. In times of war and trauma, people join together to support each other. If there was never any bad deed or wrongdoing, then our human race would become naive, and we would not grow in our knowledge of how to be a light being. When the soul has reached enlightenment and has no further lessons to learn the Lords of Karma may invite them to become an Ascended Master. The Lords of Karma will initiate the soul in an Ascension ceremony. Many of these souls who are now Ascended Masters are known to us, St Germaine, Lady Nada, Lady Mary, Sananda (Jesus), Quan Yin, Buddha and many more.

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