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Spiritual Guidance

Messages from your Spirit guides & Loved ones

Virtual live video £50

In Person £70



Messages from Spirit Guides & loved ones

Many people believe Tarot to be harmful which bring in bad energies; this is certainly not the case. Tarot just like many things is reliant on the people who handle the cards and their attitude or state of mind at the time of using them. Tarot is just a divination spiritual tool in which messages can be seen visually on the cards themselves.  


Tarot cards are far more reliable and less harsh than Ouija boards. Ouija boards can be influenced by negative or playful spirits who prey on unsuspecting innocent people, because Ouija boards are usually done on the spur of the moment or in fun. Whereas Tarot has been bought for a purpose and people are prepared.


In the past tarot was mainly used by Gypsies or eccentric people who were excluded from the public and did their trade away from prying eyes. Some were paid by soldiers to cast spells of protection over them so that they would not be killed in battle, or by young men to cast spells over the woman they wanted to marry to make her fall in love with them, or businesses would pay these sorcerers to put a curse on their competitors, etc.


I have the greatest respect for tarot, as they are honest and when used with good intent have many happy and positive messages.

Please be advised

Clairvoyance /Mediumship has been offered for thousands of years and many people have benefited from it during that time.  

My services are given with genuine and sincere purpose, but you are reminded that clairvoyance and mediumship may not give you the results you are looking for, as results are always difficult to predict and cannot be guaranteed

Tarot card reading
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Adam Smith - Sutton Coldfield Observer

" Lynda showed me a glimpse of her power of clairvoyance, something I did not expect. She shocked me with her accuracy. She told me things about my life she could not possibly had known. I was a little unnerved by this slice of spiritualism”.  

Christine - France

Lynda gave me comfort in knowing I am not alone and that my husband (deceased) is right beside me and is waiting for me. Lynda showed me a way that I could contact my husband without my doubts blocking my thoughts, so his messages were able to get through.

My departed husband warmed to Lynda the first time we met Lynda last year. He was excited about coming to see her again, so we could have a chance to talk together and for Lynda to tell me how he feels, that he loves and misses me. My husband and I will be coming to see Lynda and her guides regularly, as this gives us both comfort in knowing our loved ones are only in the next room,

waiting for us to talk to each other".    

Lynda - Ashby De la Zouch

"I was very nervous meeting Lynda and was frightened at what she might say in case I was going to be told something that I didn't want to know. I was scared because I sense things during the night and think I am not alone. Lynda convinced me that I have nothing to worry about and that my guides know that I am scared and the last thing they would want to do is frighten me. Lynda told me the presence I feel and sense at night-time is my grandmother and she is protecting me and the gentle tickling I feel on my head is her comforting me by stroking my hair. Lynda reassured me and helped me to understand the understandable. I felt very calm and peaceful with being with Lynda and relaxed, so much so I bought a pendulum, and I am now eager to know more. "  

Sam - West Midlands

"I found our session a comfort to me and very accurate".

Heather - Sutton Coldfield  

"I came to see Lynda with no idea what to expect and feeling quite nervous, but Lynda soon put me at ease. Lynda amazed me with what she was able to tell me about my life. Lynda made me aware of my inner feelings and I certainly left with a lot to think about and knowing I would come back to see Lynda again."                    

Katie - Newcastle

" Lynda was amazing and I never felt so much love. It was nice to know I have so many guides here to help".  


Nichol - Spain

Two readings and an introduction on crystals with Lynda and I'm on the path of a new life... She gave me new confidence in myself, and showed me that there was more to me than the job I was slogging my life away at ... It’s still one step at a time ... but I know a new life is there... I now use crystals in my everyday life, talk to my spirit guides and guardian angels on a daily basis.. My life is more fulfilled, purposeful, and happier because Lynda and her guides helped point me in a new direction. Thank you, Lynda and love & and light.  

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