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Home Study with LIVE etherical

Reiki distant attunement £80

Will require Worldwide students’ difference

with UK GMT time.



The elemental kingdom comprises of many types of fairies, elves, gnomes, pixies and others but they fall into 4 main groups. The group they are in will depend on what material and element they resonate with. The element group works and heals using the energy of water, fire, soil or air.  The elemental kingdom has an influence on everything we walk on, the air we breathe and the plants we see have some form of elemental healing. Healing elementals are mainly fairies with the elves supervising them.

Healing with the earth and air elementals changes dependent on if the need is for heavier energy to ground and remove negative partials or lighter energy to raise frequency. These combined group works usually on chakras, the auric field and emotions. At the start of a healing session clients may feel like they want to sneeze or that they have bubbles up their nose, like when having a glass of champagne. This is the earth and air fairies working on the crown chakra and then the third eye. When the healing travels down to the throat chakra the person may feel like coughing as the fairies work to release any emotional and physical blockages

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Fairies work within the auric field by removing negative particles then their fellow fairies replace with positive energy. The fairies organise themselves into a relay system, some repair and seal damaged pockets of aura, whereas the others remove any dislodged negative particles. The elves then work in partnership with other spirit guides to remove any stagnant energy where an injury maybe. An elemental Reiki healing session is a hive of activity where everyone works at the same time.

Enhance your healing with the help of the elemental secret power. Become as one with your elemental guides, sense, feel and see their positive loving influence. Reiki Elemental Master attunement will enable you to continue receiving attunements throughout your life from the elemental kings & queens. Learn how to use your healing to open elemental portals to release physical & spiritual blockages for positive thought. Use the power of crystals to enter hidden chambers. Unlock secrets with your elemental guides, see what they see, use their knowledge to create a harmonious life. Elemental Reiki symbols, Comfort, Growth, Eternal Love, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit & many more.  

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Option A – Home Study £80

Home study – students receive manual via email.

Attunement scheduled at a time convenient to student to receive live.  

Qualification certificate emails after attunement

Students receive lifetime tutor support.

Option B – Virtual class (approx. 3hrs) £160

Virtual courses are live with tutor.

Manual emailed prior to course so student can prepare for class.

Attunement scheduled at a time convenient to student to receive live.  

Qualification certificate emails after attunement.

Students receive lifetime tutor support.


Course includes:

full colour 2 part manual, practical & theory Elemental Reiki practitioner certificate.


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