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School of Spirit


Lynda Bourne

Reiki Grand Master teacher

Master healer, crystal therapist, Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium & Author


WORLDWIDE Virtual courses via Zoom or in person UK residents




MARCH 2023

Tuesday 7th  6-8pm GMT          CRYSTAL THERAPY - level 1      6 classes held monthly at £50 each

Wednesday 22nd 6-8pm GMT   MEDITATION TEACHER             10 classes held monthly at £20 each

APRIL 2023

Wednesday 19th 6-8pm GMT    MYSTIC - Wiccan Druid          12 classes held monthly at £20 each

Monday 24th 6-8pm GMT         MEDIUMSHIP TRAINING          12 classes held monthly at £20 each

MAY 2023

Thursday 11th  6-8pm GMT      REGRESSION THERAPIST          6 classes held monthly at £30 each

JULY 2023

Tuesday 11th  6-8pm GMT       PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT          6 classes held monthly at £20 each

                                         'Angels & spirit guides'


Wednesday 11th  6-8pm GMT  CRYSTAL THERAPY - level 1      6 classes held monthly at £50 each

​To Reserve a place fill out the course enquiry form below:




To Reserve a place on a course or book a private session with me, please use the booking form below.



Private Client services

In person

Healing session £50

​1.5 hrs including consultation

To book

In person

Shadow work healing  £200

Block of 5 sessions with 5th session free

Soul & Karmic healing

To book


Zoom virtual live

Past Life Regression £60

1.5 hrs including consultation

To book

Zoom virtual live

Spiritual Coaching £50

1 hr spiritual guidance consultation

To book

Zoom virtual live

Tarot Reading £50

1 hr 

To book


Tina Ross

"When you research and look at so many various spiritual teachers, you find yourself drawn to the right one.

I came across Lynda several years ago, and from our first communication together I knew Lynda came into my life for a reason.

I personally have an interest in holistic therapies, not to become a teacher, but for my own wellbeing and family.

Lynda has the most amazing way of guiding you through any course you enrol on, making you feel at home, in tune with yourself and comfortable within.

Zoom courses, are just as effective. You still get that personal touch, any questions you ask, Lynda helps explain in a way you can understand, and NO question ever goes unanswered, Lynda's knowledge is remarkable.

Whether you are thinking of becoming a teacher or for your own wellbeing I would definitely recommend following your journey with Lynda at her School of Spirit."

Colette Bratton

"The School of Spirit is just such an amazing place, and Lynda is just such a fantastic teacher. I loved all the sessions I did with her at Crystal Cottage learning more about the spiritual word and reiki healing. It's all so fascinating, but also positively life-changing. I love using what I've learnt from Lynda Bourne over the years, and will definitely be back for more healing knowledge as soon as I can."

Christina Catherine

"I highly recommend this school because Lynda is a fantastic and very gifted teacher, I was so lucky to find her xxxx"

Kay Elsmore-Skitt

"Lynda always made me feel safe
Cannot recommend enough"


Gina Clemons

"Lynda is such a unique Teacher beyond belief but not just that, she is so helpful and caring towards her student's. Lynda has given me so much confidence. Thank you Lynda"

Gemma Beckett

"Linda is absolutely fantastic. Lovely lady and very knowledgeable. The best spiritual teacher you could ever wish for."

Anna Gozdz

"Very high recommend. Linda is a great spiritual teacher. Courses are very knowledgeable. Great practice exercise and well to understand. Real guidance. Thank You"

Leaf Pattern Design
Leaf Pattern Design

Course or private client
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My new book is now available on Amazon £7 click on this link to buy a copy.

This delightful book gently blends a charming story with lessons in spirituality that we can all easily understand. The tale follows the life of Lucy, a sensitive girl growing up with many questions about the unusual things she sees, hears and feels. Lucy's adventures, challenges and triumphs weave between everything you might have ever wanted to know about the realms of Spirit. What is a spirit guide? How do they interact with us? Do Angels watch over us? Where do our loved ones go when they leave the earthly plane? And how can we evolve and grow to fulfil our spiritual potential? When does a hunch or a feeling have a deeper meaning for us? What happens when we dream? And how do we begin to get in touch with our more ethereal selves? If you have ever wondered what more there could be to us as souls in human form, join Lucy in her quest for clarity and meaning. There is more Light and Love around you than you have ever dreamed possible.


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